17 Blog Color Palettes That Work

17 Blog Color Palettes That Work

Most blogs tend to rely on white, grey or black as their main color, and while many of the best blogs, and my favorites, do just that, some go beyond the norm into a realm of bold and unexpected color...

A blog should never be judged by its color palette alone, but here are 17 blogs that use slight variations and bold departures from the color norms and do it well.

spacecollective.org grainedit.com

treehugger.com inhabitat.com

design*sponge thinkingforaliving

gizmodo.com preik.no

everyoneforever.com lifehacker.com

DIELINE handmadedetroit.com


blog.boico.net wrongdistance.com


Let us know what you think of the blog palettes above and show us your favorite blog color palettes.

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This is why I wish I had my own blog, and not just a Twitter, Facebook or LiveJournal. Speaking of, I need to update them all!

These are wicked cool! ^^
And this one is my own blog's ;)
my blog ;3

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