Eclectic Color Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the most colorful art, products, websites and such that I’ve come across in the last week.


Love Colour – Love Tights

This UK shop has colorful selection of legwear, and their nice product finder allows you to filter their products by color, style and pattern.

Countact Lens Cases


With the addition of simple electronics these colorful contact cases take on new functionality; informing you when it’s time to replace your contacts.

Via designboom


‘His Theory? Color Chaos’

nytimes article : slide show

Barely an inch of Richard Schultz and Anado McLauchlin’s home near San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico, is without color and decoration.


Grant Haffner : myspace page

Wonderful color composition and movement to these landscapes.

Via The Post Family

Header Image by jahdakine – texturing

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