Vintage Color & Design: Record Sleeves

Vintage Color & Design: Record Sleeves

Here's some color inspiration from vintage record sleeves collected by artist Kavel Rafferty, who has some nice work of her own as well. This collection takes us through a selection of sleeves from some of the most prominent international record companies of the time, and gives us an idea of their focus on design even behind the album cover...


Via aesthetic outburst > HI + LOW

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Very cool!
it sucks the stuff they're made of decays so quickly; my parents used to have stuff like this, but they lost most of it in a flood. this is so pretty. i hope they make more, i really do...
this post is very cool!
Nice. The only one of these I've ever seen before is that last RCA one.
Wow, another very inspiring collection, thanks a lot. The printing techniques of the time give a special, warm flavour to these colours, that today's designers are trying to reproduce after years of Pantonese perfection dictatorship. Nice.
aaaaaaaaaah i love this!!! i love this sooooooooomuch you have no idea thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!
a m a z i n g, thanks for another great post !
Best post ever! Thanks...
they made me shiver Thanks a lot :))
Vintage album covers are the coolest things! Timeless designs!

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