Etsy Featured Buyer: COLOURlovers

I was asked by the lovely folks over at Etsy to be a featured buyer on their blog. My picks were inspired by the current top colors here on colourlovers. Reposted from here.

This week’s Featured Buyer is Davey Sommers, editor of the art and design blog for color trendspotting site In addition to analyzing color palattes, Davey is a member of the The Post Family — a group of Chicago gallery and event curators, an artist collective and a print shop all rolled into one. He also sometimes makes stuff out of recycled things. Here’s Davey.

I love Etsy because it is an unbordered community that brings artists and art lovers together. It’s a great example of a market economy, too: one without lobbyists and tax cuts for nonlocal businesses.

Using the Colors tool on Etsy, these picks are inspired by the top colors currently on COLOURlovers.

Blue, or ‘balls’ blue in this case, is a reoccurring hue in the work of Mike Best, aka BestArtStudios2. It’s a nice match for the thoughtful, and at times vulnerable, facial expressions of this character seen throughout his work.

Not eaxtly the same as ‘The Order of the Wen’, but it shares the same warm color composition as this wonderful illustration by ashleyg.


In TheaCphotography’s Bounty, she melds shades of green, allowing the deep color of the berries to pull the viewer’s eye. As many of her photos contain a single prominent color, and since they are all sized 8×8, you could easily create a cohesive color palette made up of her work.


I nearly mentioned MannMadeDesign twice with jimmy’s great selection of colors available for all of his wonderful products, like this ‘incorrigible tease’ square bubble pendant.


These handmade stickers from SupergirlStickers use beautifully crafted ‘dutch teal’ origami paper. They would make a nice touch of color on any letter, if anyone sends those still, or, if you’re a teacher: to distract any student from that poor grade on their last history paper.


This italian lambskin by KarleighJae would work wonderfully for any ‘science class slut’s’ new lab coat.

In this print by LizzyClara, what looks to be a hand holding out flowers, presumably to another person whom they have some sort of relationship with, is, in fact, a hand holding down flowers on the floor, as told by the color.

I hardley think that a baby would truly appreciate the colors in this ‘vanilla cream’ pattern by sweetiepiedesign. I’m thinking beer cozy.


Some time ago dinosaurs lived on earth along with ‘certain frogs’. And as you can see from this watercolor by tiddlyinks, they shared similar colors.


Whenever a painting becomes mixed media it becomes happy, like this ‘heart of gold’ piece by kelly c studio.

The color palette of this handbound journal by Straw House Books is relaxing and welcoming, definitely offering some ‘soul therapy’.


Flying through the ‘insomnia martyr’ night sky, is flying ninja girl by beeczarcardsandgifts, whose shop is filled with other colorful items.

More on Davey:

Besides the things listed in the intro, Davey doesn’t do too much else. “How much should one man do?” Davey sometimes asks, then answers himself: “This is how much, the much I am doing now; no more, no less, this is enough.”

So Davey goes on about his life enjoying the finer things of a humble existence in the second city: watching the specks of dust on their voyages through the currents of air, listening to the sounds of landscapes, and laughing to a point where it seems his heart may burst when he hears the politicians talk about nothing for hours on end.

For more Storque posts on color, go here! For more shopping ideas, our Featured Buyer series is quite impressive! Do some digging, my friend!

Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (, a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.