16 Incredibly Colorful Bridges

16 Incredibly Colorful Bridges

These are some of the most colorful bridges around, picked for their color, colorful design or the amazing color palette they create with their natural surroundings. While many of these structures are a vast contrast to their surroundings, nature will always adds its own hand eventually, like the Stone bridge in mt Qingcheng, and things will seem to fit into the landscape once again.

Golden Gate Bridge by The Jamoker
Golden Gate in sky Old Bridge Firenze
The Old Bridge Firenze by J.Salmoral

Glen Canyon Bridge, Arizona by kevindooley
Glen Canyon Bridge Henderson_Waves

The Henderson Waves Singapore By night86mare

Brooklyn Bridge by Darny
Brooklyn Bridge Trent Bridge

Trent Bridge England by Spunfunkster

Pennybacker bridge, Austin, Texas by AustinTX
Pennybacker bridge Cucao, Chiloe, Chile

Cucao, Chiloe, Chile donrenexito

Epping, Essex UK entity119
Epping Red Ring mt. Qingcheng bridge

Stone bridge in mt Qingcheng by Dennis Kruyt

Infrared photo of bridge in Jurong East Singapore by night86mare

Clifton Suspension Bridge by ktvyeow

Santiago Calatrava bridge, Italy by ecatoncheires

Ponte JK Bridge from wikipedia

Shinkyo (Sacred Bridge), Nikko, Japan by Paul Mannix

The Rio-Antirio bridge by Ava Babili

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beautiful bridges, beautiful places... i wish i could travel more.
No Tampa's Sunshine Skyway? That's pretty colorful.
killer post.
yay bridges!
Great stuff!!!!!
a little photoshop color enhancement never hurt either I guess :p
mmmm bridges!
thats awesome, the jurong east singapore bridge is my favorite one!
wow, i would not have thought of bridges as 'colorful' so now my thinking has been so altered! lovely collection of photos and palettes here.
Awesome article. I love anything that can make me rethink something I usually take for granted. I also like anything that inspires me to travel.

Local bridge salute!:
Lions Gate in Fog

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