Colorful Post-it Note Art + New EepyBird Video

Colorful Post-it Note Art + New EepyBird Video

While we've seen Post-it® note art before, as i'm sure many of you have as well (maybe even here), it seems to keep on developing as a very colorful artistic medium. I think, it may have finally reached its pinnacle with this video by EepyBird.

EepyBird, the creative duo behind the viral Diet Coke and Mentos experiments have captured our imaginations once again with the 'Sticky Note experiment video.'

And, when you're done with the videos (there a couple of 'How-to' videos at the end of the post so you can create your own office chaos), check out some other note worthy (ahem) pieces constructed using Post-it® notes.

Art With Post-it®

Self Portrait by David Sieren

By David Sieren of The Post Family: Image link

Super Mario Installation at the UCSC Engineering Building

Image link

Mt. Shasta

Photo by mt shasta

Post-it® Lamp Two Tone

Photo by neonarcade

Accumulation Project by Songyi Kim

Songyi Kim

Post-it® Display by Rachel T Robertson

Rachel T Robertson: Image link

Feynman Wall

Photo by neonarcade

"You Stay Classy San Diego" & La Joconde

Photos by Nicholas Welsh and gva_pix

Post-it® Art Video

ViaOffice Supplies Blog

Eepybird How-tos

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that is awesome!
beyond awesome!
fantabulous (:
What krishafish said plus a side of extra awesomeness!
that was so cool , i loved it :0)
My favorite is the first video! I would love to do that myself, though would make an even bigger mess. I just love pot0it notes. Thanks for this!
that's super freakin' awesome!
this is possibly the coolest thing ever.
I've always LOVED post-it notes. I'd just have them in every shape and color if I could xD
I immediately sent it to EMWACITUSA (Every Man Woman And Child In The USA)

I think 3-M should give them a Genius Award!
Best CL Blog EVER!
The experiment:

Calvin & Hobbes:

A proposal of marriage with 5,940 3M post it:
Very Awesome. :) Mt. Shasta is a definite fav. I would love that "mural' in my room.

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