Color Inspiration: Flames

Color Inspiration: Flames

Inspiration can be found everywhere we look, and if you happen to have been staring at a candle last night you might have been inspired by the intriguing colors of a flame.

The color and temperature of a flame are dependent on the type of fuel and amount of soot present in the combustion. A red flame is the coolest part, then as the temperature rises it changes to orange, yellow, and finally to white, being the hottest part. A blue flame will appear if the concentration of oxygen is high enough and creates enough energy to excite and ionize gas molecules in the flame. It can be seen near the base of candles where airborne soot is less concentrated.

Photo by wikipedia

Different flame types of a Bunsen burner depend on oxygen supply. On the left a rich fuel with no premixed oxygen produces a yellow sooty diffusion flame; on the right a lean fully oxygen premixed flame produces no soot and the flame color is produced by molecular radicals, especially CH and C2 band emission. The purple color is an artifact of the photographic process.

Flame Colors

Flame color depends on several factors, the most important typically being blackbody radiation and spectral band emission, with both spectral line emission and spectral line absorption playing smaller roles. In the most common type of flame, hydrocarbon flames, the most important factor determining color is oxygen supply and the extent of fuel-oxygen "pre-mixture", which determines the rate of combustion and thus the temperature and reaction paths, thereby producing different color hues.

Yellow Flame

Photo by young_einstein

In a laboratory under normal gravity conditions and with a closed oxygen valve, a Bunsen burner burns with yellow flame (also called a safety flame) at around 1,000°C. This is due to incandescence of very fine soot particles that are produced in the flame.

Blue Flame

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

With increasing oxygen supply, less blackbody-radiating soot is produced due to a more complete combustion and the reaction creates enough energy to excite and ionize gas molecules in the flame, leading to a blue appearance. The spectrum of a premixed (complete combustion) butane flame on the right shows that the blue color arises specifically due to emission of excited molecular radicals in the flame, which emit most of their light well below ~565 nanometers in the blue and green regions of the visible spectrum.

Flame temperatures of common items include a blow torch at 1,300°C, a candle at 1,400°C, or a much hotter oxyacetylene combustion at 3,000°C. Cyanogen produces an ever-hotter flame with a temperature of over 4525°C (8180°F) when it burns in oxygen.

Red & Orange Flames

Photo by matildaben

Generally speaking, the coolest part of a diffusion (incomplete combustion) flame will be red, transitioning to orange, yellow, and white the temperature increases as evidenced by changes in the blackbody radiation spectrum. For a given flame's region, the closer to white on this scale, the hotter that section of the flame is. The transitions are often apparent in TV pictures of fires, in which the color emitted closest to the fuel is white, with an orange section above it, and reddish flames the highest of all. Beyond the red the temperature is too low to sustain combustion, and black soot escapes. A blue-colored flame only emerges when the amount of soot decreases and the blue emissions from excited molecular radicals become dominant, though the blue can often be seen near the base of candles where airborne soot is less concentrated.

Flame Palette Inspiration

Photo by Candor & atomicshark
glowing center from red to blue
Photo by SadJr
2 cl flame in 4 cl SteppingThroughFire
Photo by João [Pêlo] Schmidt

From the CL Library

flames in my mind flamenco

Color Within a Flame Gimme Five

Flamed Flame-Throwered

Flame Calla Lily flames to dust

Header photo by Cade

Source: Wikipedia

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AWESOME! I love the look of fire
Gorgeous! :D
Reminds me of the previous posting The Electrifying Colors of Candlelight.
good call, MrFurious. i hope you're not too angry. thanks for adding the link.
see, i don't like fire as much as i like smoke. i burn incense and i can sit there for hours watching the smoke rise. ^^
I had to memorize the coloured flames of certain elements for my AP Chemistry class. they're really pretty.

this was interesting. (:
This is awesome. I love fire. >:)
Great article, colors, pictures and all!, Great Job!, Once again!
Awsome! tnx alot!

I Love it! Never know fire could be this interseting ^.^
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competive asses streak of arrogance i have
ENERGY VAMOIRES is about the music colour hand movements and other stuff youc an do to make them stop youd o a questionare alll my answers were farily normal i mean yes they do starte at me in suprmarkets- i lovethat psychy question- uh YEAH.....but generally it had 6 categories family friends self image stuff like that and one wa s"is your chold sickly" mNO"does yoru child have good to fairly good self esteem" MEGA YES ( she also is yupstairs now hating malibu as she should with a beaiutiul cross on the wall i sdarent trell her was CHERS! and is gothy in a cool way she refuses to buy corporate. she just does,a nd she reads nopam chomsky and wants to write a book about politics for idiots- w could collaborate i could write one called forst generation nopiveau riche how not to lose yourt fortines- one i fthe first colors was the ubiquotious violet-now im all for this "Bizarre chic" taking over Shabby interiors i hate and loathe an dcant breathe inside those places-
"sand it down paint it white" is what Pamela ANderson says( im also axl , Tommy lee aka Tommy LAW FIRM KELLY RIPA oh yeah- someone got ahold of laot of celebs socials i dont think Micheal J Fleetw2ood KNOWS he owns property in ARkansas buit he sure doesand starngely his nbameis now mike flit. all my answers were positives except the : dsoes goign to a move3 or ut exhauist you" yes. the paps,, the lines to the bathroom, i hate that stuff so i dont imbibe the overgalzed eyes upn the return the day dreaming of Emily Dickenson and my new found obsessionb wth Roseeti and Morris sharing the same love- unbelievable, so the hippy girl ordered me too i shall fo rbrevity sake return with the colours omne uses to keep energy vampires away cos my heatk menatlly phsyically is pretty dammed good on the querstionare jswt ove rand over anbd over " have you been falsely accused of thin gs" "have you been scapegoated" actaully NO i was extrordianly popular every one of the 40 boarding high and juvenile detention school/centers i attendd - i wore what they wore but i always had to sew something kooky and id get into the Creative Loud Female as Scapegoat- despite the fact that dragqueens had adopted me- my lie as "My Own Private Idaho" not elack of importantce of females woith "BOB PIGEON" i just remember grey Oregon skies and Orange and flames from that film and seeing it in V+baltimore and knowinfg Gus Van since i was TEN he taight at museaum art school film on saturdays-=LONGEST in the whole business! ole Gis, and im not mad at him for that silly piece of crap or even the call he made on the eve of my "Fight Club " papers getting signed by LAWYERS, i really wanted Marla i am Marla in parts of that book and it was h a onnection i had with director both actors - and Brad called thru Gus asking if i would lethimn at 36 play Kurt, well i reared back anbd blood red invectives hurled oyut my mouth , now if you "want to live like th e folks on the hill, first you mustlearn how to smile as you kill" and Lennons right- NOW i would say" omg ! so inspired! abvsoulouytly!"
what killed me was Gus asked me to play MYSELF i was 33~! it took me 8 years and shared stalker to finally cxorner Gis van Zant and ask" did youw ant me playing myself for reeal or di youthinbk ihad one of thos ejackie collins book egos where some psycho narcisstic muist play herself inthe filmn of her life cos that is so whacky nutso cashews batchist Gus" he said" yeah i really did, i realywante dot make brokeback mopumntain blah blah" anyway ive not been abope to get thru fight club but t=wardrobe on that movie took my note- to keep markla in an old vintage Mink, that i had from Arthurs inb portlkand a few tatty Brooches and pink and a view bluebird/swallows fiftues waistedd dresses, during my fittings for ZGirl Interupted wich i shouldnt hjave done and am glad i didnt , Lisa the character was going to tsteal that movie no way about it, but i was ascared of its femme actress producer- and wehad had boy stuff aqnd shes teensy with perfect boobies and perfect taste and noone would ever believe me oh it talked abotu seeeing auras wich i can ...hers is veryu purple i dont know what that means, we actyed the movie out in my bedroom in 01! but i owuldve been too deferentail whereas the fabulius actress who got the part didnt give one fuck if that actress took 9 years to produce it she owned it, but i did the mustard cords and the v neck braless ts and the coatthat ALmost Famous stole and became thje Penny Lane coat - these ARE colours- you know Panos is responsble3 whol;ly an dutterly for the Heraldic trend wich i adore, for the flannels blac k as a rap, for dip dying and OMBRE pallettes, like the ribbons i was making glitter champagnes glasses out of tonight with stray crap jewrly little troph ribbons and medals from ww1,
heres why im here ispiration, for the houses in the wets village especially , i am NOT rich, but im working veyr very hard n my fico and if my uber mega powerful lawyer sits with the uppity guy at the bank co sthese ar erogue loan officxerrs these two and says
dude your fucked,,,form that mans moithno banker in america would not whip out the checkbook.
and my daughters trust has sevrak TRILLIONS thattheyd prefer a dolalr to a dime if it only costs3 dimnes to get that dollar and it makes thme look greta? good.

im hee becuase i lov e color, im looking for the perfect red, i want jordane whose doing my album website and sinc ei am exec producing heavier than heaven charley crosses book about jkurt i have say in any department i want not keying perhaps but in wardrobe i call key wardrobe its my way of paying back my mentor who took me to see the Holy Grail dress at Palace its stillthere in a rack, it was Miss Carole Lombards" its navy rayon id say 1943, short sleves, three inches past knee transparent- it has ruffles of i believe now that i know leavers lace at the neck,and anacy ribbon small tied at the perfwect spot on each of the four or five cascading rufffles, that dress is it s own universe, ive never gounf it again,
im gere cos no way can i afford gebius that they are- and i love m/m pairs for off3ring me their services i may go and take them up on it when records done- but colors are on the branding wheel, packaging is a SMALLER circle than colours! im willnot EVER fake a cover of a cd thats lets say one of henry the eights wives on side b and one of a queen of france who recently had my first boyfriends mentor do the prodcution design wich was gorgoeus as was tehe photographjy and the COLORS if i didnt have this weird aversion to the movie id have it in french already as a poster theres tsll the nmorma shearer shot with all the stars in the wig, and stars figure heavily- one thing Stefanis agent did right was fo rher to have a "Soignature" fabric so far the obne ive found is the ONLY Piece of that gorgous gorgous versace collection i did three campaigns for them back when i was "well dresseds" one with the mysteical and great Avedon and if yopu lik ewhimsey anb not dark pleas ei implore you check out TIM WALKER lily cole cakes, and his Karen Elson as wounder Britsh boy soldier and his pink popny and green simanese cats-= i did that for us- US as in US magazine - yep, i tured ot be IRONIC in US magazine .......ummmm that DOESNT work, irony doesnt come thru in a blog so ho wthe hell in US? i had me and my bassist whose signing beuatifully throated piscaes girl she is melissa and me in dresses Steveie Nickls yes i swear to god in this job you get to say "Stevie Nicks loaned me her Rhiannon dress" I PINCH MYSELF! i know im lucky but i also know that if i dontget iwthit enterpenuearillay in the midst of a depression im in very deep shit= the government investigation will take what 3 years? i just need the person faxing the names onmy deceased husbands social the 52 cobanes and variations like kobaines n the usa v s the 7200 deeds i have for them. done. ny times cover no comment send all proof of bogis loands docs etc to mayydrudge or something and just hjave it light the sky like yourorangey flame there./
so the r word relevance means alot to me i assume tehres alot of graphic ddesogners on here?
maybe even some documentary film maklers i cannot just give the makingof this film over to bbc 2 or hbo wqhen we could film it ourselves, craigns list is tragic at my age, christ call fellner working title in london or trudie styler actual friends call gwyneth- her brother jkake is really bice he could make a great pair of doucmentaries actually j=kurt andthe making of NOBODIES DAUGHTER the record i wanted a courtney love and the bullett but its sort of so uncool it muighht work possiblky not
so i figure iwth out of work grapohic deosgners an d knowing if youc an contribute to the wesbite fo rheavier than mheaven the film thats a greenlit once the most mega screenwirter ( his name is david benioff it was in variety one o four team wanted front page! huge letters! sanity prevailed, but on a 60,000,000 movie possibly starribg the hottest and yet coolest blonde girl real movie star ina very long time who i utterly adore and possibly starrting one of three guys an american ido after a perfomance ina teens southern apaptioan of this love story wry wit and nice eyes, anothe rbrit i wasnt fo rit til o saw 1 him being charming to an ugly girl with an animal like n ose in a trailer so i didnt how uttewrly sincere he was! and his thousand yeard stare that veryveyrvery few p[eople jave my dauighter has it it means"I well and truly do not give one fuck what you think, at all, even in th esloghtest in fact your so far benaeth what im presenlty lthinking of your were a six inch cockroaqch on the floor i wouldnt even notice hyou and if youw ere crawling up m,y leg i p[ay people to swat squish and killyou" its the scariest stare alove and at an awards ceremony a ligttle drunk he had that stare,so myleverage for graphci designer whoever might want Nirvana, Kurt cobain, princess ai, and the several other.coms the most important being the CObain one for BNovember as thebest book yet or thebest cobain product better than in utero in some ways is coming out stupid nam,e on faber and fabe rits called"cobain unseen" thjis has great text and all th ienages are what ava excaqtvated theres a few [rivate ones and the 5 hours of fpoprtage and the6 songsthat didnt make nevermond on rehearsal tape only- wich theyre pretty holy grail llike afte rllathe imitators and shit hes stoll hom witha voice like an angel, anyway he was llabotu BLUE he loved navy blue speaking of heraldic when he finally got the transparent lady he palyedaqn MTV show he wore this velevt navy army looking coat wich he love dso much and it got stolen b ut he was about medals and evel knoeval and well let the book explain to any interested partoies everyen wanst nirvana and lurt com its amassivemoney maker- but iwant someone special so far my sepcial someone is jordane who designed and who my daughte rna di both l;ike but if you coudl helop with colour and with t shirt and clothing designs even whtat colour shoudl that be eg if you go to vinatge textile .com and go to treasures the GALLERY is what shes sold ( one to me is all o got and shes a little man to deal woth but i dont need to spend crazy money when i have the photoss)
sorry i cannot be exact but in her teens transitioning to twenties page in treasures theres a total marie antionette colours dress i have four prints of it ginat and medium so i can design out of itits a "shabby" palletett but fuck em its gorgeous gold collar drop waist witha clyue chiffon belty rossettes and chery blosoms all over a creamy dandelion cream background, thats the dress ill have finished by tomorrow, on her for ale closthes and she has a few good ones up now she has saffron mini flapper dress on reserve she wont sell me so ive copied every piece of beading , if oowned it i could make a better tech pack, my manifactirinbg is free remember, the nest dress is pink and white again iits victorian edwardian it will be much shorter taking into accoputn american girls are not going around nyc looking like crazxed harajuku and shoibuya teenagers in shitty po;plin cotton - go between lamb and rodarte and youc an kind of get me- this dress has two tiiers is ankle grazing is edwardian as it has pigeon itits and has a long and wide bracelt lsleeve
, wtill in pink pallette and this time in FUCHIA i wont let Paris Hilton destpry this poppy colour, this dress is a fantastic of tulle and can always be done in another colour it sthe only viviic fushciia dress in "treasures: with gold tassles, ive already gopt the pattern cut for it and were deciding between this metallic nap south of france gorgoeus sky blue velevet or this abuergine one with vermillion chiffon on top with pieces cut out as these are samples so its okay to cut up a BIT of multi millin dollar 20 year collec tion of a musueam quality wardrobe- awwfuckit- my pattern cutter is a scream 70 knows zerop about fashion worked for bob mackie and Norell and Cher, This marketing is all about the CATALOGUE swich goes only to the high end or cool customer-= why shouldnt people in ackonsoville missipi be cool my standards for cool are anyone trying to fucking improve thie rlife thru art- thats cool tome, the alsmot last dress is an edwasrdian christ pink again shuddering
its got a knot right iunder the naughty bits gold bust in her 20s for sale youllsee a rosetti dress with knots in whote it just has two doilies and seriously looks like a hanky cos if them or id have bought it, she also has in shawls
a chantilly lace this will have velvets and appliques on it and be a top secret thing and then there is one of the most stunnign pieces of fabrics you ever did se deco floarl gold metallic. golden several blues on the rose, ive ordered this sawl and if we have to cut it we cut it-but i dont think we will,
lastly one othe firts items in treasure sia high nexkedlong trained bridal edwardianshirtish sleeves above the elbow longish train its just alovely shape.
and were doing some frivolous stupid items like fans a black beaded one and a stick witha pouf and this is for putting on your talc and some chartrueze suede ggloves, three pairs of shoes allyouc an rock in, victorian boots with contrast sticything and a pair of court heels with silver beading and about a dozen buckles and a wwii nurses shoe, theres tons in sears and im not doing bags yet or sunglasses im sticling at what im good at .
so if anyone wanst to help me run my empire now that ypu know pretty mych my ssn now that you even wanted to and has mystical knowledge of colours -= eg lets say the let them eat cake part girl is HEADLESS ON your cd cover as is the whore queen who bnore no sons? the blues mist be beautiful, the rise as i said must even be bigger- lets say then the replciation of condrallas shoes fitting happens only it doesnt fit, this bitch is so fuckign determined to make it fit, that there isnt GORE i hatye gore but theres blood and theres catscratch bllod and crazing -= the idea = it doesnt fit you and it doesnt fit me and it doesnt blloody well foit anybody and i have my chinese foot binding nod i want to make look also at chihi aoyishiminas ?manga and tsunami"a girl between lave anda tsunami wave- it jyst mnust have ablast of jaopan - and princesss ai violumes one a dthree im happy to send anyone interested ingetting involve din this mange wich is being made this year by the owenr ot tpo as a anime plus live feature film hjes putting 30 million into her tour and i have 50% creative control i just got screwed on money so i hav to arbiratet but titll be friendly.
so if any of this interests yopu freelancers and graphcio designers fashion peoplke etc, let me know'
i dont like talkking about my collectiopn but it aint no caposule collection and i have tio recr3eate a crepe stoppe din 1948 some dress classified as baby doll back inthe day was actuallky a 1916 pristine cream dress of this crepe, an dthe mary janes i forst wore had to be made a sthey did not yet have them, i have bustles and if you dont think youll if your a fashionista be wearing cool bllomers by winter next keepp thinking that~ so im open ot talking about just abouty anythign to do with color cds dont sell anymore
do blue ones tho?
feb 14 cde physcially comes out jjan 1 on th einternet reading buzz marketing for dummies- it allseems so simple i know the founder of myspace the end right?
anyway ive bounce dina nd off color so much but colour is everywhere, istthe carnelian that roots me its the smoithsonite baby blue its trica guilds fantastic duck egg its cole and son black paiselyitsthe amazing packging also if anyone knows the groovy cool t shrit designer- im all ears!

courtney love
sorry i dont use spellcheck andten ti exxhaust. how would you wrap a candle ? dand l used an origami fold im looking at this rose origami, poisonous btw and the packiging wll be marigold metallic velvets with taffeta and ombre ribbons and bachelors button silk flowers by my littel millinery genuys nbichola diehl.
realaly id id buy ricj ownes first t shirt . i believ it was in "BONE"...........

and as to the mags we were at glamour
wahab hii pakistan

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