Color Inspiration: 108 Aqua Patterns, Palettes & Colors

Aqua, cyan, aquamarine, blue-green, cyan blue, baby blue, teal, turquoise, and so on and so forth.

Some interesting facts about Aqua (Cyan):

Cyan colored tiles are often used to pave swimming pools to make the water within them seem more inviting to swim in, by making the cyan color of their water seem more intensely colored. Water in swimming pool is colored a bright tint of cyan anyway because chlorine bleach, which is cyan, is added to water in swimming pools for disinfection.

The planet Uranus is cyan because of the abundance of methane in its atmosphere.

Cyanosis is an abnormal blueness of the skin, usually a sign of poor oxygen intake. IE- the patient is “cyanotic”


Sea Gem Art Glass Downhome Bluegrass

Clouds Impressions wave wheels

aqua mosaic The Howler

exotic places Memory

Stirring icy & snow

Draco the Dragon Beachside Walk

the secret south pacific

chilly twinkle worlds ap(he)art

Catedral Humo(u)r Me

Timeless Malachite circles

pool tiles Dead Mint


leaves under water Vacation

Chinese Pillow Flora´s

CL#800 paletteknife the pacific

Tropical Dreamin' dotdotdotdotdotdot

Teal fabric bioluminescence

Garages blueygreen n grey

There is a computer game company called Cyan Worlds (a.k.a., Cyan, Inc.).

There is a Final Fantasy VI character named Cyan Garamonde.

Natural gas (methane), used by many for home cooking on gas stoves, when burned has a cyan colored flame.


Serenity is . . . Sun Set Wave`

beyond the sea Bluegrass

Scissors Cut Arrow Dream of Dulcinea

Blue Green Algae drawghosts.onmyback

Needs Treatment Pilgrim's Progress

o u t . m a c r o

b l i n d between blueygreen

explore the sea reverse waves <<

d r i v e Cloisonné

Deep Water and so it goes

Extreme Ironing Descending

The Sidewalk Ends Once Was Lost

science of rain Electric Splash

nature's mistress king lear's  shadow

bettymint IrishEyesRSmiling

tiny (sar)Chasms Checkmate!

ImmersionHypothermia Kelley = CYBORG

Slice of Life Name your Price


lotsgreen-bluelite ass

dutch_teal Mr__Mrs_Andrews

Oh_Darling electric_ice_cubes

challenging_seas Spoonified

Clean_Pondwater Cyan

evening_at_sea warnings

making_a_big_splash 10_items_or_less

Teen_Age_Riot all_eyes_on_blue

Aqua_Emily Aqua_Lily

aqualine Aqua_Breeze

Aqua_Burst Aqua_Martini

Aquamarine_4 Aquamarine

Aquamarine_2 aqua_lite

aquanaut aqua_storm

aqua_seafoam aquaspa

Aqua_Carmen aquavelvet

The color cyan (called aqua by interior designers) was commonly used in the interior design of the 1950s in combination with either magenta or pink and black to give a modern feel to interiors (these colors were also popular for automobiles in the 1950s).

There is a band called Cyan, a British progressive rock band from the 1980s and 1990s.

Cyan is the name of a character in the Norwegian comic strip Nemi.

Cyanotype, or blueprint, a monochrome photographic printing process that predates the use of the word cyan as a color, yields a deep cyan-blue colored print based on the Prussian blue pigment.

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Your Favorite Aqua Color Palettes

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