COLOURlovers @ Create Chaos Conference

COLOURlovers @ Create Chaos Conference

The creative conference Create Chaos has invited me to come and speak about color trends... and since I love color and the idea of creating a bit of chaos... I've agreed. If you might be in the Orlando area mid-October or were looking for a creative conference to attend this year, come on down and join us. (If people are interested we could organize a COLOURlovers get together around the conference too.)

CONFERENCE DATES: October 13-17, 2008
EXPO DATES: October 14-17, 2008

Attendees will be creative professionals, including the following industries:
Advertising, Graphic Communication, Film and Video, Motion Graphics, Animation, Photography, Printing, Publishing & Interactive Media.

COLOURlovers get a $200 discount when registering with the coupon code: colourlove
This discount and coupon code are only valid through Aug. 30, 2008.

Register to attend Create Chaos 08

My Presentation on Color Trends

Thursday Oct 16th (2:30 - 3:40 pm)

Color Me Trendy
Color trends seem to sometimes take the creative world by surprise – and then by storm. If you propose a new color combo too early, your clients will think you are crazy. In this session, take a look at what colors are popular in different industries and how you can do your own color trend research. We’ll look at where to find great sources of color inspiration for your designs and how to test those ideas out. Put the power of color back into your designer hands.

Be Part of the Presentation

My presentation will be about what this community does so well, harnessing the power of the creative world to find great colors. So if you have something you'd like to share, let me know and I might add it in to the presentation.

If you could help other designers with figuring out the color trends what would you share with them? Have some bit of color advice, a favorite tool, a place you find inspiration, case studies of how you've used color in your work...

Hope to see you there.

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wow that sounds excellent! i wish i lived hear orlando, even the thought of a CL meet up sounds fantastic :)
coolie yet so far at this time hopefully it be some where close say Nevada then I would have to beg to have a week off of work to go.
Seriously thinking of going to this. It sounds very cool. That discount is great too! (:
I like this, but I wish I lived in FL. :(
What to share with other designers?

COME TO COLOUR LOVERS AND KEEP DIGGING! :o))))))))))))))) There are tousands of great and kicking palettes and PEOPLE!

This palettes, patterns and PEOPLE are changing me all the time. It helps to love and understand colors. I hated orange, red and brown. But now? I'm using and wearing it also! :)

I can express myself, my feelings, my mood and while I communicate with others and sharing my opinion.
And the best thing that here you can find just positive people and positive comments!

Thank you Darius, thanks to every body who is working on this page and thanks every Colour Lover who I get to known at this page!

(sorry for my English.... ;op )
sweet, i'm going to look into the possibility of gathering my design younglings, passing the bill to the boss, and heading that way. i hear that Darius guy is one smart dude and at least worth listening to. yay.
*sigh* i'll bet it will be great. :)
I hope you have a wonderful time, I'll be eyeing it from afar.

I wont be able to come, but in a few years I'll try.
wow, I wish I could go... : (

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