The Colors of Vaeda Baty

The work of Chicago area based artist Vaeda Baty is full of dream inspired, softly colored and richly textured photographs.

Vaeda was nice enough to send us some of her work to share with COLOURlovers, so I asked her a few questions about life and work, and found out what exactly is going on in those inspiring dreams.

‘brotherly love, relief, and truth’

COLOURlovers: Tell me about yourself

Vaeda Baty: I am an independent photographer from the Chicago land area with a simple desire to communicate with the world through creation. I became interested in photography when I realized that everything I have come to know will one day disappear.

CL: Tell me about your work.

Vaeda: Much of my work explores the natural world. I attempt to understand the tension present in a life lived dialectically. Photography is a form of storytelling, and I am moved to be a part of the narrative.

‘stained glass visionaries’

CL: What inspires you?

Vaeda: I am inspired the most by great people in my life, my loves. I am also constantly inspired by other artists and my dreams. The beauty of everyday moments and the reality of loss.

CL: What do you look for in your compositions?

Vaeda: They look for me! I will be out and about with my camera and something will draw me into a particular scene. I want to be able to tell a story about the subject. Interesting light is important as well.


CL: Are you attracted to certain colors more than others?

Vaeda: Blue is by far my most favorite color to work with. I am drawn to primary colors in general and often prefer to work with a monochromatic palette. I also love neutrals.

CL: Do you shoot mostly around where you live?

Vaeda: I shoot around where I live and I also shoot extensively when I travel. It’s a little of both. I need to travel sometimes in order to realize how much there is to shoot right in front of me.


CL: Tell me about some events you have coming up.

Vaeda: I intend to relocate to New Orleans in the near future and when I do, I will be selling my work regularly in and around the area. I plan on being very active in the art community. There are many incredible artists in the New Orleans area. I look forward to joining them.


CL: What are you listening to, looking at, and thinking about right now?

Vaeda: I have been listening to Massive Attack, Joni Mitchell, PJ Harvey’s White Chalk, and Portishead’s Third. I have been looking at Michal Macku, and Robert ParkeHarrison’s work. I read and write a lot of poetry. I love creating and I never want to stop. I cannot wait to see where I am taken next.

‘the bleeding heart of winter’

CL: What’s the most colorful place you’ve ever been to figuratively and/or literally?

Vaeda: My dreams are the most colorful places I’ve ever been to. They are full of colorful symbols that I often cannot shake for days. I wake up feeling as though I never went to sleep. Soon after, I am looking at a photograph that mirrors my dreams.

‘the wish that got away’

To see more of Vaeda’s work or to purchase prints check out these two links: here & here

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Images © Vaeda Baty

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