Idée Labs: Multicolor Image Search

Idée Labs has created a useful set of online image search tools, including a multicolor search that allows you to filter images using a palette of up to ten colors. Using a spectrum color selector, you can pick the colors you are looking for and it will return only photos that contain those colors.

Multicolr Search Lab

With the Multicolr Search Lab you are able to search up to ten different colors from a palette of 120 different shades. The search will filter through three million ‘interesting’ flickr photos or three million Alamy stock photos.

BYO Image Search


Idée has also created a visual search. The BYO (Bring Your Own) Image Search Lab allows you to upload an image or enter the URL of one on the internet and find similar looking images from their Alamy collection. Their algorithm looks over one hundred image attributes, such as color, shape, texture, luminosity, complexity, objects, and regions, when doing similarity searching. You may see images in your search results which do not look like the query image overall, but they probably strongly share a few characteristics in particular.

Visual Search Lab


The Visual Search Lab combines a keyword search with a visual search. You can select an image to find visually similar images then further refine with keywords, or the other way around. Unfortunately, like the BYO Search, it only works for Alamy and not flickr.

About Idée

Idée Inc. develops advanced image recognition and visual search software.

Idée Labs is Idée’s technology playground for visual search and image recognition. Here you will be able to experiment and play with various implementations of Idée’s visual search technologies.

*Thanks goes to Colette for sending along the link to this one. She would have shared it with you herself but has been busy covering E3 and Comic Con for Destructoid and TOMOPOP.

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