Artists In Color: Liz Wolfe And Todd Fallowsky

Today we’re featuring new work from the candy coated color photographer Liz Wolf, and artist Todd Falkowsky who used photographs and computer software to create color palettes of the predominant colors of Ottawa and the provincial and territorial capitals of Canada

Liz Wolf


In her latest work she continues to explore the visual and emotional interplay of creatures and confections. One facet of what fascinates me about her photographs are the juxtaposition of the cute and the vile. Her photos are always a surprise. Innocent at first, each piece creates a shift upon a closer look as you realize that all really isn’t what it seems.


In “Diseased Deer”, a smiling, pure-white proto-Bambi sits on a bed of yellow flowers. It’s affliction? A rash of candy confetti.
Shape + Colour


Revealing Urban Colors by Todd Fallowsky


I started this project while I was working with a New York consulting firm on the power of celebrity. I asked myself whether there was something about, say, Cameron Diaz’s face we could apply to a cellphone or a car that would increase its appeal. I did something similar for the City of Toronto, trying to figure out whether it has a specific colour that could be used by Canadian firms, and it occurred to me that this could be done for all of Canada.

I began by taking scores of photographs and employed computer software to pull out the predominant colours of Ottawa and the provincial and territorial capitals. The exact process that worked in Toronto did not necessarily work elsewhere — there is also an intuitive element to it. For each city, I had to centre on what makes it unique, such as prominent landmarks or distinctive features of its built environment. As a result, regional differences emerge: the North tends to be very bright, the Maritimes aquatic, Ottawa pale.

Via Shape + Colour

More City Colors

The Dulux Colours of New Zealand is a journey through New Zealand and our homegrown colours. Each colour has been inspired by a loved and cherished New Zealand location.

The Dulux Colours of New Zealand translates the essential colours of New Zealand. From our refreshing ocean blues, striking alpine whites, rich geothermal greys, natural coastal sands, lush native greens and vibrant urban hues, these are the colours we see all around us.

Think of the quietest town you’ve ever driven through, summer’s best loved beach, your favourite bush walk or the vibrance of your favourite city and think of the colours that suit them best.

The Dulux Colours of New Zealand is a range of over 900 timeless colours, comprising of cool whites, soothing neutrals and dynamic brights. Drawn from the familiar hues around us, the palette works seamlessly with the New Zealand environment, today and for generations to come.


Arrowtown is renowned for its visual change of seasons, most notably the beautiful gold hues of autumn leaves, often reproduced in tourist-targeted literature. A town of extremes, winter brings blankets of snow while summer brings scorching hot days with temperatures in the high 30s (°C).

To celebrate this special part of New Zealand, Resene have developed an Arrowtown inspired colour scheme that you can use in your own home to bring a little of colonial New Zealand and folklore to your own backyard.

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