Colorful ‘Kids’ Toys

These toys might not all be color themed, though some definitely are, here are few of the more ‘colorful’ toys you can pick up for your little COLOURlover.

AMK Modular Sound Toy


AMK‘ is a modular sound toy for preschooler children. In the interaction with the comptuer, single sounds and entire sets can be transferres to sounds blocks called ‘klangbausteine’. The children can independently play and combine the sounds through plugging these blocks. Only one sounds per block and age-based limited posibilities of sound modification afford a plain game and offers the children an orientation within the own system.

Color Wheel Puzzle


Curious kids will marvel at the ways colors combine on our wooden color wheel. Includes 17 colored-wood puzzle pieces and a wood tray.

Easy-to-manipulate blocks provide endless possibilities for the creation of designs and patterns inside or outside of the wooden tray!

Great way to introduce child to the basic principles of both math and architecture, while encouraging both individual and group play.

Designed to teach basic color theory principals, and stimulate children’s thought process of cause and effect by showing the result of color combinations.

Rainbow by Naef


Rainbow: designed by Heiko Hillig. This is one of the bestselling Naef toys! Experience the calming and relaxing power of interaction with this beautiful rainbow. Wooden arches symbolise the rainbow. Both an educational diversion and tuning fork at the same time. High-grade, processed plywood in brilliant colors, make Rainbow an object of both artistry and fun with an ascetic quality. Trust your feelings and find the balance point like a virtuoso. The Rainbow offers an endless number of colors and sound combinations.

Brio Wooden Toys


Classic Brio wooden toy with an updated sleek design and glossy colorways, a new direction from the primary color blocks of the past.


Zebra Hall Color Visualizer

This ‘toy’ was manufactured by a company called Zebra Hall who, unfortunately, is no longer around, or maybe just under upgrades at the moment. So, I’m not sure how this thing works exactly.

Magnetix iCoaster


The iCoaster combines speed, high-tech design, and magnetism into one package. As with all Magnetix toys, the basis of the iCoaster is magnetic power. The coaster’s “car” is a 15-millimeter metal ball — or “rider ball” — which is propelled along the track through magnetism.

Kids will be amazed as the rider ball seemingly levitates on the track of the coaster at high speeds, and they can construct the iCoaster in up to 10 different ways. Because it uses magnetism, the iCoaster is also capable of some jaw-dropping stunts. The ball will go through loop-de-loops, trampolines, sheer drops, and corkscrews. It will even “float” across broken areas in the track. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the “magnetic elevator,” which carries the ball up a shaft through magnetic power alone.

Somewhere City


Somewhere City collection is a new set of mix and matchable fantasy characters of Goran Lelas for StrangeCo. It is said that “Somewhere City is everywhere and nowhere, floating from one part of the planet to another. Its motion is fueled by the “Secret Thought” of its wonderful, positive inhabitants.” Cryptic? Yes. Playfully adorable, and even more so when mixed up? Also, yes.



Toypography, by Dainippon Type Organization is a toy of typography. Fragments of letters, that can be put together to either English or Japanese letters and characters. The thing about Toypography is, that Japanese expressions can be transformed into English expressions of the same meaning.
Everyone Forever


Hydrodnamic Building Set

Good thing someone invented this Hydrodynamic Building Set. It makes science fun again. But this kit isn’t a simple connect the dots – you have to do some thinking! Why? Read on!

The instruction manual shows you how the girders connect, how to build the various tanks, and some rendered images of completed projects – but not step-by-step. Your entire model gets built up from the bottom of the carrying case, which acts as the water reservoir and also has a special footing to be the structure’s foundation. Level by level, you build your support frame and add your tanks. Then connect all the tubes, add in the valves, and turn on the electric pump.

If you’ve done it right, you’ll have an awesome construction everyone will marvel at (a little food coloring helps). Fail and you’re all wet – quite probably literally.

Crazy Forts


Just when you thought a kid’s world was powered exclusively by batteries. Crazy Forts uses geometrically precise balls and sticks to create a multitude of play fort possibilities that you simply throw a sheet over. If you go to the site, you can download different “blueprints”. They are also coming out with interior lights for the forts.

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