The Colors of Fernando Brízio: Renewable Clothing

Turin has been named ‘design world capital for 2008,’ and one of the many exhibitions running this year is ‘flexibility – design in a fast changing society.’ The idea behind the show is this: since it is predicted that 90% of the worlds population will be living in cities by the year 2050, the already complex life of cities will rise to an even more complex state, and we will need designs to meet our increasingly complex needs. One designer at the exhibit in particular has grabbed the blog world’s attention, thanks to coverage by designboom, with the creation of his unique “renewable fashion.”

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Fernando Brízio’s ‘renewable fashion’ is a customizable, and reusable, dress where the color pattern is created by placing felt tip markers in pockets placed all over the dress. After placing your collection of markers in your dress, just sit back, have a drink or two, and watch as your dress becomes a unique expression of yourself and your maker collection. When you get tired of you color scheme or your markers start to dry up, just throw it in a wash and your back to a new palette.

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Fernando Brízio obtained his college degree in Equipment Design in 1996, at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon, where he is based. Since 1999 he has been developing several product design projects, as well as setting design and exhibition works, for, among others, Details, Protodesign, Atlantis, M Glass, Droog Design, the choreographer Rui Horta, Modalisboa, DIM-Die Imaginäre Manufaktur, Intramuros, Fabrica, Schréder, Lux/Atalaia, Experimenta Design, and Cor Unum.

Photo by ibcbulk

He is professor and Head of design at ESAD.CR (Caldas da Rainha, School of Art and Design) and also a visiting professor at ECAL (Lausanne). In 2005, he was a curator for the S*Cool Ibérica project. He has participated in numerous conferences, and his work has been exhibited and published internationally.
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