Color Lovin’ Your Sneakers: Custom Kicks

Color Lovin’ Your Sneakers: Custom Kicks

As any cool kid will tell you, the most important palette you can wear is on your sneakers. Luckily, most of the shoe industry is right on track with the newly developing long-tail, Limited Edition, Artist Series, Custom Designed and DIY markets, which includes any color lover who has the perfect palette to show off on the streets.

Custom Sneakers


Most of the major brands have jumped on the DIY sneaker design track, but not all the sites are the same. While I didn't go through every shoe site, here are a few that even if you are not about to buy a new pair of shoes, will at least keep you busy and distracted as you go through all the colorway options available.



  • Shoes: 12 styles
  • Materials: Canvas, Suede, Leather
  • Colors: 30 colors and patterns
  • Delivery Time: 2 to 4 weeks



  • Shoes: 12+ styles
  • Materials: textile and leather
  • Colors: 12 colors
  • Delivery Time: 4 weeks



  • Shoes: 2 styles
  • Materials: Leather and different types of mesh
  • Colors: 45 colors, patterns and textures
  • Delivery Time: 5 to 6 weeks



  • Shoes: 2 styles
  • Materials: canvas
  • Colors: 39 colors and patterns
  • Delivery Time: 5 to 7 weeks

Even More Custom

Latest winning entries from RYZ

If the main brands, and their ever increasing number of colors, patterns and materials isn't enough enough to quench your thirst for uniqueness, more and more people are starting-up their own customization companies and stores. Sites like RYZ (rise), a community based site, which allows users to submit and vote on shoe designs that they want to see produced, and Sneaker Art, created by ex Adidas and Puma designers, which allows you to purchase pre-cut stickers or printed pattern sheets. You can also upload your own designs and they will make them for you.

Sneaker Art

If pre-cut stickers aren't good enough, with a little research you can come up with a number of willing artists and designers waiting for your order. A good place to start might be Sneaker-Website, which has sections highlighting some custom sneaker artists, blogs and stores, but the best overall resource for sneaker culture is probably Sneaker Freaker.

New Releases

One of, if not the, best resource for the latest releases and general info about sneaker culture, is Snearker Freaker. They have a running collection of new releases and feature articles. They also publish a Sneaker magazine which they fill with the latest and greatest new releases, brand features and interviews with leading industry people.

Here are few of my favorite color palettes from their new release section:

lacoste-cabestan-75-year-copy.jpgLACOSTE - CABESTAN 75 YEAR; Sneaker Freaker

NIKE 6.0 - WMNS; Sneaker Freaker

GLORIAS X DC - GATSBY; Sneaker Freaker



Vintage Resurgence

Nothing makes me feel cooler than knowing I'm running with 1970's technology on my feet.

Nike's remake of their 1970's Running shoes are exact replicas, complete with odd shaped swooshes, glue globs, and worn, yellowed soles.


Here is a feature article about the line which was originally published in Sneaker Freaker 9. Here is the official site.

If anybody has other sneaker resource tips, or some sneakers with great color palettes of their own, leave them in the comments.

Header image from Sneaker Freaker

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I'm actually going to do that with some white vans slip-ons with acryllic paint.
I can't wait.
i freaking love super electric shoes... i just cant get enough
I love designing shoes online, but I've never actually ordered a pair. this article has inspired me though!
converse won't deliver custom shoes to europe, not the last time i checked anyway :'( but sooooon i hope!
I love custom design chucks. I really want a pair! Time to start saving up some money :P
I do my own shoes. :]
White Converse go to black, green, and yellow Converse with random stripes and checkerboard patterns and white imitation Vans go to multi-colored imitation Vans with my favorite bands on them.
Ubersexy. Haha. I love custom shoes.
I saw a site where you can buy a kit to paint your own sneakers: Thought it was pretty cool....
My favorite to look at are those new trendy of the ole' rain boot. Now you can get them in hand painted, design your own, even thigh high dress boots that still qualify as a rubber rain boot.

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