Color Tools (Other Than COLOURlovers’)

Many of you here in the community are quite familiar with the color tools available on COLOURlovers (if you’re new to the site a good place to start is the FAQ), but what about other helpful color tools that might exist somewhere on the internet. Well, here are two such tools: ‘Name That Color‘ and ‘Color Name & Hue‘, that I came across recently; one for color vocabulary and identification, the other, a helpful tool for those who are colorblind.

‘Name That Color’

Name That Color‘ is a helpful little site created by a dude with other dudes in mind, but it most certainly will also help those of the female variety.

For those of us who can’t exactly remember, or who never knew, what color Danube is, and others who just want to expand their color vocabulary, so instead of red you can use Monza, even though it is totally just Red, might want to check it out.

Simply create a color manually or enter the Hex code to reveal what you mistakenly took for Mojo, when it was, in fact, Mule Fawn.


The database was created from names found on Wikipedia, Crayola, and the Resene Color-Name Dictionary. It’s probably good that he didn’t try to use the COLOURlovers library of color names. Besides what an interminable task it would be, he would probably have more than a few colors with the same name, but that are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, or, all the colors would be named ‘love.’ And while I personally prefer to make up color names on-the-fly, like the Suddlepup shirt I’m currently wearing, it might be nice to be able to narrow it down to around Burnt Sienna if, god forbid, you had to discus color with your designer or decorator over the phone.

‘Color Name & Hue’


Color Name & Hue‘ is an extension of the first. This tool offers some assistance to the colorblind. The creator who “often struggled with matching colors to their main hue due to his colorblindness,” came up with this handy little tool to allow you to match any color to its main Hue. You manually match, enter a RGB value, HSB number or Hex code of a color and its corresponding hue will also be named.

It offers 1640 different color names to match to 10 main hues.

The site where this tool can be found doesn’t stop with just one tool, it also has some other fun features, like color blind tests and articles related to colorblindness.


*Update: If you know of any other useful tools, or other color related links, products… or whatever, that you think the community should know about, let us know using the comments, or email us using the ‘SHARE THE LOVE’ form located in the right column. We’re a community, we should all get a chance to share.

Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (, a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.