COLOURlovers in TIME’s 50 Best Websites of 2008

COLOURlovers in TIME’s 50 Best Websites of 2008

2008 has been a great year for us so far. We reached several milestones like 1,000,000 named colors and 100,000 members and we received some pretty major recognition...

We were honored by the Webby Awards as one of the Top 5 Web Communities for the second year in a row. The Web Visionary Awards gave us the Application, Community and Best of Show awards...

And TIME just named COLOURlovers one of the 50 Best Websites of 2008!


Thank you all for being a part of our community and for helping us grow as one of the best places to share some of your time online. We have more big ideas planned and look forward to ever increasing the amount of color love in the world.

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So so awesome! Woo hoo!
that's fantastic!
Excellent! :D
COLOURlovers for the win !!
Excellent! Of course.. we already knew it was one of the best websites! :)
Wait, is 100 the best...?
I hope it is...
yay!!! :D
Just a soft nudge, we could actually vote for ColourLovers ranking by visiting the link :)
and yeah... WOO HOO!
it's such an honour to be a part of this truly wonderful community! congrats and hurrah!

way to go CL!!!!!!!!!
way to go, you have really deserved it, keep up the good work :)
Great job to everyone! Fantastic!
WOW! this is amazing - congratulations darius et all who work so hard on this place for us :)
Congrats. Of course, we have known for a long time now what an awesome site colourLovers is! Now the world can know.
Congratulations to makers and users of! I am proud to be part of this wonderful site!
keep rocking, you guys! *plays air bass* ^^
Well done COLOURLOVERS! I could not live without this site so it is nice to know that there are so many other people who feel the same way!
Wow! It is great to be recognised as the great community it is!
Holy CRAP! It's a big internet out there, with a ton of amazing stuff. This is really a testament to our community's appeal and growth. Congrats and thanks to Darius, Chris, and any other lovers who keep the site functioning so splendidly. Our days are brighter for it.

Maybe now (finally) wikipedia won't reject an article about CL...
This is really, no surprise. COLOURLOVER is the best community I have ever joined. I can always count on endless love from this site. I am so glad this site is being reconised. Would love to get my hands on a copy of that TIMES.
Hell yeah !
Wonderful news ... hope the server can handle the newbies...

Time is probably one of the top 50 magazines, so that is well deserved. .... goes off to see
Although the site caters to design professionals who want to show off or share ideas about color and pattern, it's fun for lay people too.

Me = lay person...?

This is great. But it was pretty self-evident this place was brilliant. ;D But I can't believe CL doesn't have a Wikipedia article! I thought they document anything...-.-
wow!! this is wonderful... i m pretty new and already an addict... this is a great website! Congrats!!
i feel so privileged to be a part of such a wonderful place. congratulations Darius and Chris! you guys are so great. yay! yay! yay!

i love peachbelle's happy dance, too. :)

Wonderful news ... hope the server can handle the newbies...

that's my only fear, retsof. it was one of the first things i thought of, after being thrilled!

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