Artists In Color: Stephen Bush + Sanderson Bob

Today we are highlighting the work of painter Stephen Bush and graphic designer Sanderson Bob who both show a particular excellence in their perception of color and space.

Stephen Bush

Stephen Bush’s work has been described as ‘technicolor realism’ and he consume his painting’s subjects with brush strokes and pours of hallucinogenic color. His work evokes the same emotional pull as what I experienced when I first saw the stunning visual imagination of Salvador Dali and other artist from the surrealist movement. Bush’s use of color is the best aspect of his amazingly good collection of work.

Stephen Bush graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Fine Arts in 1978 and has since gone on to have a prolific professional career, recognised in Australia and the USA. Bush’s career has been built on a series of works, each created through a different aesthetic approach but linked by their surreal sensibility. Beekeepers, rubbish bins, alpine scenes, Babar the elephant, men on horse, his chosen subjects are diverse and atypical. Bush’s painterly range is as varied and free flowing as his subject matter. Moving from lurid abstraction to figuration realism, he creates guttural juxtapositions of the visceral and the sublime.
Sutton Gallery

Images from Sutton Gallery and Goff + RRosenthal

Sanderson Bob

Graphic artist Sanderson Bob’s work is full of bold color ranges, shapes and movement. His color palettes give his simple lines life.

Pure Yet Complex, Sanderson Bob’s first solo show in the UK, features a selection of work exploring his interest in line, colour, perspective, movement and the edges of things. The work is dynamic and optically arresting creating a kaleidoscope of shapes, colours and angles.

The exhibited work is a continuation of Sanderson Bob’s experimentation with form, colour and typography. The balance between type and form, complimented by composition and colour, is an intrinsic part of Sanderson Bob’s work.

Whether creating an identity system, typeface or poster, the structure and composition are developed from a starting point of the most basic of elements relevant to each individual project. These simple entities become considered, calculated and sometimes complex outcomes.

Sanderson Bob embraces experimentation and diversity in his work whilst retaining sound, basic design principles and an eye for detail to create a balanced catalogue of work.

Images from the artist’s page and Kemistry Gallery

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