Congratulations! You’re Our 1,000,000th Color!

Congratulations! You’re Our 1,000,000th Color!

Almost 4 years ago I had an idea and threw down some code that would allow people to share colors and rate them... Just a few days ago our 1,000,00th color was named and shared on the site. It was only 10 days ago, but since that milestone color was upload... another 32,000 have been shared. That's some serious color love!

The names of colors can do funny things, just check the interesting coincidences thread for more examples... but _stefan, unknowing that the color he named Ego would in fact be our 1 million milestone color. Thank you all for sharing so much color love with us. (And now that the Color API is up and running, some creative folks are going to find some awesome ways to play with that color / name data.)

COLOURlovers Major Color Milestones

Every color on the site is special, but here are some extra special milestone colors.

#1 Lickable Lips


#100 Ash Brown



#1,000 Alkaptonuria


#10,000 COLOUR #10000



#50,000 Pear Timer


#100,000 Coagulent



#250,000 My Marine


#500,000 got



#750,000 B1A887


#1,000,000 Ego



Number of Colors Added Per Month


Color Archive: The Top Colors Since We Started

You can browse the color archives all the way back to Dec. of 04 when we started COLOURlovers to see what the top colors were each month. Here are the top 2 colors from each of the last 12 months.

Top Colors from April 2008

Ego Black

Top Colors from March 2008

Black Tea_Cup

Top Colors from February 2008

baby_croc Sky_Dust

Top Colors from January 2008

white .chicken.pox.rox.

Top Colors from December 2007

Merry_Christmas_* cosmic

Top Colors from November 2007

strawberry Heathered

Top Colors from October 2007

clockwork_orange poached_ivory

Top Colors from September 2007

we_say_were_in_love the_kiss

Top Colors from August 2007

clockwork_orange Black

Top Colors from July 2007

Kind_Giant Black

Top Colors from June 2007

Kind_Giant Coconut

Top Colors from May 2007

Irish_Sea white

Top Colors from April 2007

Irish_Sea radioactive_firefly

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you all so much for the time you've invested in sharing the color love with all of us. You are the ones that make this such an amazing community to be a part of. I'm honored to be a part of it. Here is to another 15 million colors!

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Love these kind of stats, thanks Darius
That's a lot of colors!! I'm still kind of baffled that i've submitted over 2500 colors. I guess over the years they really just pile up. yes, here's to millions of more colours and loving a whole lot of them!!
hurray! this is a great achievement, and I'm proud to have added 5,643 colours to this astounding amount...cheers to colourlovers
Doing my part with 4,593 colors!

Heave ho! Many fingers make a light load!

i'm just amazed that there are still more colours to be made. HOORAY!
Doing my part with 1,267 colors so far. I'm always amazed when I make a palette and every color is unnamed.
Wish there were more posts like this!

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