Remembering a Friend, Artist and COLOURlover

Remembering a Friend, Artist and COLOURlover

Teresa, Teri, Faded Jeans passed away April, 11th... She was a much loved part of our community and she will be greatly missed. A fellow COLOURlover and friend let me know the sad news and I felt it appropriate to let you all know... but, most importantly to share a little of the amazing color love that she left behind with us.

Love Without End Forever and Always

Germany- Teresa Lynne Light, 51, formerly of Kingsport passed away unexpectedly early Friday morning (April 11, 2008) in Attendorn, Germany.

She was born in Warner Robbins, Georgia and had lived the majority of her life in Kingsport until moving to Germany in 2003. Teresa was a graduate of Dobyns-Bennett High School in 1975. She worked for the City of Kingsport from 1987 to 2003. She was a talented artist.

Mrs. Light is preceded in death by her mother, Betty Light and her sisters, Judith Smith & Vanessa Webb.

Teresa Light is survived by her husband, Dr. Nils Hoffmann; her daughter, Cara Webster & her husband, Barry; a brother, Steve Light.

A memorial service will be conducted on Saturday (May 3, 2008) at 2 p.m. at Carter-Trent Funeral Home, Kingsport with Ed Clevenger, minister officiating.

You can post an online condolence to the family here.

Celebrating the Colors of Her Life

I believe in celebrating a life and what I will humbly attempt to do here is to celebrate the colors of her life that she shared with us. I did not have the pleasure of knowing her in the real world, but I appreciate her very much and feel so very honored and touched to have created a place for her to share her inspirations, passions and her heart... a place that will continue to share that and carry her love forward.

From Her Profile:

Color and light are two deities that are more like muses to me instead of the foundation basics that they are when one talks about artistic elements and principals. So, whether it's for my projects as a canvas-easel painter or for my pixelations in the field of computer graphics art, I hope to use this site to gather inspirations for new artsy projects as well as share some colorful (and colourful *s*) inspirations of my own.

~*Colors breathe life into the imagination, passion into the unseen*~

Our Favorites of Hers

Dont_Fence_Me_In Black_Tulip
Crocodile_Tears Guinness
Moon_Warrior Turning_Turquoise
Part-Time_Super_Girl Blue_tile
Walk_The_Line Terra_Cotta
Sprout Hamburg_Canals

Part-Time Super Girl LipstickOnHisCollar
Hymn For My Soul Vermeer's Christ
Mucha-esque plch-chromatics
Bordeaux-a-Go-Go Moon Warriors
Erotic Klimt Orange On Hiatus
Adobe Turkish Oud
Diamond Anatomy Green Knees
Fruit-fly Dreams Mocassins

Some of Her Favorites

barely_there fresh_snow
secret_diary a_resourceful_hunter
guildered mindless_drive
fishes_drink_water Christmas_aroma
Sunlit_Canopy garden_party
Marble_Column Laleh_In_A_Snowstorm
too_much_to_want how_come_
actually Pea_Pea

nu blu dark Sans Nombre
field of tulips chocolate medley
of marriage & babies evening hours
Purgatory´s Bay The Eddie Vedder
cocooning Addiction
turn to dark The Muddy Mississip'
Black Amber Quietly We Go
It breaks my heart that the only pattern she created was a tribute to me. (Darius' Dare) I'm not sure I deserve that honor, but I will cherish the pattern and the words she left me...

"Thank you Darius for creating a powerful resource that not only feeds the needs of those that create, work and play amongst colours but for also playing an important role by *awakening" those that never paused long enough to see the beauty of life via colours. Personally, I admire you for challenging others to remember that the best life has to offer happens when you appreciate your personal gifts and help others less fortunate. Thank you Darius!"

With all my heart, Thank you Teresa. You will be greatly missed.

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Rest in peace Teresa, I enjoyed all your works of art with much adoration and respect. You will be missed.
Oh how very very sad. I've never met her, but I do remember loving her palettes. Whereever she is right now, I hope its a better place.
"I hit me a lot harder than I would have imagined. It was actually a very emotional experience writing this post."

Losing a member of the community is, sadly, one of the most acute reminders of how much of a community we really have.

I really hope Teresa's family can somehow read all these posts and all those on her profile page. They'd probably be amazed to see just how far and how many she touched, on this site alone.
I am so very sorry. She was one of my first friends here, and I will miss her very much.
faded jeans
T, till Heaven :)
What a terrible heartaching loss! Teresa was very sweet, giving, hip, talented, fun.

I agree she left us better than what she found us, and she was taken away much too soon.

Peace & Love to her great spirit and to her family...
This is so heartbreaking, but at the same time makes me smile to think of the beauty she was able to create here before her passing and all the people she has touched by being able to do so.

I agree with Teresa, Darius, you have given us all a place to be remembered forever and it is a wonderful gift.
You will be missed!
Faded Jeans

Beyond love notes and comments, I didn't know Teri very well, but my heart sank when I read the notice on her profile. I have to post my favorite 2+2=5 with her, as it was the result of discovering a shared like of British comedies, and one in particular.
Orange Moon Boots
Faded Jeans comment on my One Last Breath color...

Gorgeous blue and I adore the name for it - instead of picturing the last breath of life being faded or gray or muted, this is how I imagine it to be - refreshing, taking all I can of this life and the first breath of the life to come. Lovely!

Faded Dreams

She always had something so profound to say I really loved that about her, she always touched my heart & I will truly miss her heart & life.
Very sad news, I can't believe it. She will definitely be missed. My condolences to her family and friends.
faded jeans forever

I am brand new to this site, and I am beyond touched how many of you take the time to honor and remember someone who was obviously such a huge influence to the COLOUR community. May she rest in peace and find solace in knowing that she is so well-remembered.
That's so sad to hear. I'm sorry for her family.
This made me cry, she was such a very good artist, look at her colors!
I'm sure she is okay. We will always remember her.
I was extremely shocked to hear this. I am so sorry, and wish I could have known her.
Here is a palette dedicated to Faded Jeans...
The color of sadness
There will always be a small part of me that misses Teri. She was such a caring, loving and funny friend. She invited me to CL & it's been so hard for me to come here & see her beautiful palettes & colors. The past few days, I have been making patterns of them, in my own little tribute to her.

I miss you Teri. Rest in light.
For Teri today:

Missing Teri
Faded Away Faded Plaid
only knew you since you passed away,
I want you to come back, but there isn't a way,
I look at your palettes and ask myself why,
A wonderful artist like you, has to suddenly die.
dedicated to Teresa, using one of her great palettes:

light fantastic

Wizard of Menlo Park
very very touching
beautiful this tribute to a friend!
Thanks for reminding me to Re-Love, Teri


Wishing You Peace
I wrote on her bio page: April 23, 2009
I did not know faded jeans. I am just today finding a palette of her's and loving it, only to come to her bio page and find she has passed away. I am sad that I did not get to know her through the fun notes and loves we share on CL. But I will get to know her through her love of Color as she has left us with so many beautiful palettes and colors. Thank You Darius, for keeping this beautiful spirit alive in ColourLovers.

Upon visting this site I started to cry. My sister passed away 6 years ago and her name was Theresa. Seeing faded jeans name was the same sent a torrent of grief through my soul.

On my sister's 6th year anniversary (March 17) I made her this palette and patterns. I wish to share it with faded jeans spirit, as I am sure she was filled with the same loving caring soul as my sister.






oh dear! :(

those are some really pretty palettes! I'm so sad to hear this!
I remembered when i first loved this palette and I would have never imagined the creator could leave....
aflores217 wrote:
Hymn For My Soul
Oh, gosh this is quite late. I never knew her but I understand that some people did and they miss her a lot. I wish I did know her, she sounds like an amazing person. So wherever you are, Teresa, rest in peace. <3

I did not know Teresa, but I do send my deepest condolences for everyone's loss. Her family shall be in my prayers.

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