Color Inspiration: Monsters and Dubious Characters II

I thought it was about time we revisited and shared some more of their wonderfully creative character designs. So to follow up from Color Inspiration: Monsters and Dubious Characters, here are 20 more characters and some examples of characters used in good graphic and web designs.

Creative Characters in Modern Web Designs

We’ve been seeing vector characters pop up as mascots for new web sites and they do a great job of adding a little extra personality to the sites. Smashing Magazine, showcases a dozen or so in their Isn’t it sweet? Mascots in Modern Web Design post. Here are just a few from that post:

Pasquale D’Silva - Darkmotion
Pasquale D’Silva – Darkmotion

Kent Pribbernow - Elitist Snob
Kent Pribbernow – Elitist Snob





20 Creative Characters from Mojizu

Senor Pecho     Senor Pecho

 Hometown    Erie Swaps across eastern america
 Likes    Singing David Bowie covers
 Dis-likes    american idol and moist fur


Sir Reginald     Sir Reginald

 Likes    Souls
 Dis-Likes    Chicken soup
Personality    Sir Reginald is the half brother of Sir Walter Chapstick and is currently under the possession of a demon coincidently called Reginald. The demon dropped the last name as family names mean little to demons. He decided to keep the title as even demons respect status.


Hamzter     Hamzter

 Likes    ice creams
 Dis-Likes    vegetables
   eating ice cream


Rumbo     Rumbo

 Likes    Submachine guns, frag grenades, rocket launchers and flamethrowers
 Dis-likes    Little cute animals
 Personality    Furious and insane


LeCroc     LeCroc

 Likes    human skin accessories
 Dis-Likes    AETP


Ralph VandenBerg     Ralph VandenBerg

 Personality    kind of person who bores you in a bar philosophizing with you ,a little bit communist ,some kind of lazy
 Likes    to swim in his ink, filterless cigarettes and sailor shirts
 Dis-Likes    the dolphins, the seaweed, Punk music and washing his teeth


QweeQwee McGillicutty     QweeQwee McGillicutt

 Likes    His Girlfriend
 Dis-Likes    His Girlfriend
   None. Can make a mean lemon meringue pie though..


Sickly Cat     Sickly Cat

 Likes    clumps of hair, medicine.
 Dis-Likes    the cone.


cookertopus and stooge     cookertopus and stoo

 Likes    delicious foods, ocean life, his kitchen
 Dis-Likes    fastfood restaurants


Bibi of the snow     Bibi of the snow

 Likes    ice, icicle, snow.
 Dis-Likes    yellow.


Thommy Yorke     Thommy Yorke

 Likes    Chocolate baths
 Dis-Likes    Popularity
 Personality    he´s a creep and a weirdo.


No Luck McGee     No Luck McGee

 Hometown    The Seas
 Dis-Likes    The ability to see, grab, or walk properly


Lord Reginald Caldlow     Lord Reginald Caldlo

 Likes    Abandoned houses, tea and crumpets
 Dis-Likes    Loud children, bright lights
 Personality    Lord Reginald was a wealthy bank owner when he was tragically killed by a falling piano. He now possesses the bodies of unsuspecting humans, currently 9-year old Miss Wendy Nickels.


Tag n Tug     Tag n Tug

 Hometown    The mountains of cold
 Likes    Fresh sushi


tnindza     tnindza

 Likes    speed
 Dis-likes    Fslow stuff


Bootzilla     Bootzilla

 Likes    Crushing snails and beach balls… and cars, etc
 Dis-Likes    bubblegum


alla kum     alla kum

 Likes    Meat
 Dis-Likes    Spark


Jake Rockspirit     Jake Rockspirit

 Likes    concerts, festivals, revolutions… and… groupies! yeah, but sometimes he prefer to stay alone
 Dis-Likes    music made just for money


Woodstock Broker     Woodstock Broker

 Likes    business lunch, happy hour
 Personality    You know…his mother always picture him like a singer.When he said he´s gonna be a stock broker every one think that´s not a good know, for birds thats is not a respecteable career.If you want to make your parents happy you became a hippie or a rock musician.


Rossco     Rossco

 Likes    Oranges and Sausage
 Dis-Likes    Name calling and teasing
 Super Powers    Super strength but lacks the will to use it


Create Your Own Vector Characters

Chris Spooner at Spoon Graphics has posted a great tutorials on How To Create Your Own Vector Cartoon Character and followed it up with Monster Character Series Part 1, 2, 3, & 4.

And Václav Krejčí posted a Super Cute Easter Wallpaper Illustration Tutorial over at PSDTUTS.

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