More Color Pattern Love with New Styles

More Color Pattern Love with New Styles

Since launching the pattern maker four months ago, more than 85,000 patterns have been colored and shared on the site. We've been adding more pattern styles as fast as we can and now have 69 different pattern styles for you coloring pleasure. Here are some of the recently added pattern styles and an update for browsing similar designs.


imgPattern By: Pattern Head []

chaseAroundTheDesk waiting paisley
love sari blue paisley
Rajapur the 80's



imgPattern By: designfruit []

fossil remains Kyoto
dream fixed dream escape
Teatime Clock Japanese Print



imgPattern By: isotope.151 [/lover/isotope.151]

strawberry blonde Feminine Touch
Passion Play Smile Damasco
Faded Elegance _MELLOW!



imgPattern By: arsmephisto [/lover/arsmephisto]

Horror vacui Escher is Proud
Assassins Upstairs SW Blocky
Kafka was here :) house of carrots



imgPattern By: lesaint [/lover/lesaint]

alphabet soup! Love Letters
It's Madness! wednesday free verse
Time/Space Continuum mind reader



imgPattern By: silver [/lover/silver]

orange conduction Human Behaviour
whoa Wonka Nightmare
Hypontic Victor



imgPattern By: liddle_r [/lover/liddle_r]

Cheeto Asteroids lazy together
Planet of the Apes Pteri Dish Colonies
Spongebob Dirty Dish Water



imgPattern By: latex []

in my case childhood raincoat
So Mod It Hurts lllara :::
Flower dust Lush Forest

Use of Our Patterns

Desktop Wallpaper, Website Background, Virb Profile, Myspace Layout, Etc… All of our patterns can be freely downloaded or used, but a link back to COLOURlovers is always greatly appreciated and please no commercial use or selling of our patterns. Not sure if how you want to use the pattern is commercial? Let us know how you want to use it.

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Those are gorgeous, Darius.

I could see interior designers using some of those patterns/palettes. Very cool.
This new pattern is definitely my favorite:

Lyrical 4Palace
I love the patterns and love making 'em too. I seem to get fixated on one for awhile and make a number of them with it. I agree that the new "ornate" one is pretty darn awesome!

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