Cooking Inspiration: The Colorful Kitchen

Cooking Inspiration: The Colorful Kitchen

While it takes a brave soul to paint one's living room a vibrant shade of persimmon or yellow, the kitchen is often a room in which one feels more courageous when it comes to decorating vibrantly. It is truly the best room for it, especially if one subscribes to the beliefs about the effects of colors as used in the home (although if everyone subscribed to that, we would never see the gorgeous red rooms that leave us breathless on the pages of design magazines!)

As the kitchen is essentially a creative place, use of colorful decor can only intensify the mood and give the room a vibe of powerful positivity. There are several ways to add color to your own kitchen, whether you choose to take the route of permanent change with paint or simply using colorful accessories for accent, it's all up to you!

Via Tsuga Studios

Adding Accessories

Painting your kitchen a strong color is a definite commitment. No matter how long you spend staring at your color swatches and envisioning the new walls, it never quite matches up to the final product. For the decorator uneasy with a complete overhaul, colorful accents in a plain white or neutral kitchen go a long way when it comes to making the room "pop." Best of all, if you tire of the look they can be removed, or if you want to try a different color all you have to do is change your accessories and you have an instant new look. Here are a few fun pieces that can make immediate impact:

Via Pottery Barn

Via Williams-Sonoma

Via Amazon

The Big Step: Adding Paint

You want a more vivid effect? Bravo! It's the bravest choice, but it's commonly known that the use of color in a home can affect all kinds of human emotions, from productivity to inspiration. Two of the most commonly used kitchen colors, blue and yellow, are said to invoke peace and vibrancy respectively. If you want to go beyond the common, however, there are all types of options out there for you to use. The best way to choose is to think about the space (small spaces benefit largely from brighter colors, for example) and what you want to feel when you are in it. The types of colors you love best also factor in. Here are a few examples of color as used in kitchen spaces:

img by MelodyAppel

Via Carr Cialdella

Via Decor8

Via Vetrazzo

img by MelodyAppel

Palettes for inspiration:

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great photos, thank you
Amazing. Thanks
i have re-decorated my kitchen, it is now very similat to the one by Vetrazzo but my ceramic tiles come in shining red ! :)
like the muchhhh!!!
These are some lovely kitchen. I wish mine was like them.

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