COLOURlovers API Documentation and Showcase

COLOURlovers API Documentation and Showcase

With the release of the COLOURlovers API, you can now access 1.4 million named colors and more than 500,000 color palettes for your creative projects and applications. Creating a theme editor and want to give your users some color theme options? Creating a visual project that ties keywords to colors? Who knows what amazingly creative stuff people will come up with.

Below are two showcase examples of the COLOURlovers API in action as well as the full API documentation. Happy API COLOURloving!

COLOURlovers API Usage Showcase


Desktop Color Search - AIR App

Desktop Color Search is an Adobe AIR app that runs on your desktop and allows you to search the entire COLOURlovers database for colors, palettes and patterns. You'll need to download the Adobe AIR runtime in order to run Desktop Color Search, you can use the link below to install AIR. (It works in both Windows and on Mac OS X)
Special thanks to Levi McCallum at FutonMedia for coding the AIR app.

Download Desktop Color Finder  |  Download Adobe AIR



A simple interface to COLOURlover's deep, deep palette library, it creates randomized compositions using rectangular geometry drawn by the Degrafa drawing library.
Have some fun of your own color fun with Dekaf Lovers.

COLOURlovers API Documentation

Click here to go to the COLOURlovers API Documentation

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OMG Excellent! I know nothing about api and all that, but AIR app - I'll be taking that! :DDDD Thank you very much!
Awesome I'd love to put something together if I can find the time...nice job CL
This comes in handy! The Desktop Color Search is indispensable tool for designers.
Pretty cool!
OMG, I'm in love all over again.

oxox to my favorite colour geek :)

I‘m sure it will be widely accepted as a professional color tool~
Great! I will add some random palettes to my new site.

Thanks a lot! :-)
Looks like fun, I'm going to have to play around with it.. I wonder what I could do with the image functions in php (heh, probably not much..).
AIR App. for COLOURlovers is really rocking! Thanks for coding!
you all should definitely try building some stuff with this API... it's a snap!
Uh, that was supposed to be don't use all my bandwidth. No edit button.. :(
Great as if I didn't spend all my free time coming up with new ideas of projects I will never have time to finish. Thanks for adding yet another.

I'm quite excited though that you've created an API. This is one I'll definitely get to playing with soon!
Hey, I'm experimenting with the API and I've added a feature to my site so people can see any colour lover palettes for a color if they exist. I might add some more features later but I think this will help me out a lot when I'm looking for new color palettes from web designs I like.

I wonder if there is any way you could post a link to the actual download, and not to the automatic installer that Adobe uses? I am on Linux, and the beta version of Air works for most things, but Adobe's site won't let me get past the browser checker.


it be really great if the badges could be put into the palettes api :)

I wrote a "COLOURlovers screensaver". Currently, it's only for Mac. But a Windows version shouldn't be a problem, because it is written in Flash.

You can find it here:

I also put the Flash classes online on which the screensaver is based:

This will be very useful. Thanks!!
Just wanted to let fellow Linux users know that Adobe AIR works great in Linux MINT (ubuntu distro family) ... thank you Adobe (big smile) ... I d/l'd the Desktop Color Search - AIR App and it's up and runs perfect! ... looks as if it's going to be very useful in my work/art ... have to run off to work in a few minutes but I'm eager to get home and play with it more! .. thanks to all involved! (big smile)
Very good! Очень хороший сайт!
Loved dekaf and the colour finder, but I have one issue; why are we not able to export the pallets and patterns to Illustrator like we used too? And what's the purpose of DEKAF? I love visuals but we can't export it either. Is it just eye candy?
Thanks Heaps

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