WINNERS: Photo Color Inspiration Contest

WINNERS: Photo Color Inspiration Contest

You all are just way to talented! Choosing 3 winners from the 1,500 entries was an incredibly difficult task. It actually took more than a few hours to look at all the entries. (You can view all the contest entries here: Photo Color Inspiration with LuckyOliver) So many were creative, interesting and works of art themselves... but in the end we only have enough prizes for 3 winners and here they are:

Paris Underground

1st Prize

8GB iPod Touch or $300 via US check or PayPal
50 LuckyOliver tokens


2nd Prize

iPod Shuffle or $79 via US check or PayPal
50 LuckyOliver tokens

Double Dahlia

3rd Prize

iTunes Gift Card or $25 via US check or PayPal
25 LuckyOliver tokens

Honorable Entries

Getting 3 from 1,500 was nearly impossible. Along the way we kept trimming the list of palettes we loved down to a smaller number and the palettes below stayed with us for most of the way. Even though they didn't win, we wanted to share a little extra love with these palettes.

The moose is back
LuckyOliver: Fuzzy Red Oak Leaves ~ New Spring Growth

Abstract Love
LuckyOliver: Abstract painted pink and orange background

LuckyOliver: Yellow Lichen

Beach Evening
LuckyOliver: summer evening

LuckyOliver: Chinese Teaset

spirit house
LuckyOliver: Spirit house in Thailand - travel and tourism.

Vintage Vintage
LuckyOliver: Woman sitting at table.

Three Sorbets
LuckyOliver: A Sorbet Dessert with Melons DSC01672.jpg

Good Morning, World.

Vintage Store
LuckyOliver: Vintage Clothing Store

Maple's dance
LuckyOliver: Red maple-leaf on the bark

Laundry by Design
LuckyOliver: Commercial driers

snow & ember
LuckyOliver: winter river scenery

Heavenly Division
LuckyOliver: Foggy evening and sunset

LuckyOliver: tulips in interior

Embers in the Mist
LuckyOliver: Misty Autumn

LuckyOliver: Fontanka2

Wool Is Cool
LuckyOliver: Wool 12

LuckyOliver: Springtime Peony Bouquet

LuckyOliver: Influenza Virus Group

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Woa congrats to everyone :D:D
Im in the honorable yay
congratulations everyone!! :) some fabulous entries here! this competition was just so much fun, i loved it!
congratulations all! it was a lot of fun! when's the next one ? ;-)
Wow, I am incredibly flattered that out of so many entries my pallet won first place. Thank You so much for choosing my pallet.

Congrats to all the other winners and those who received honorable mentions. Everyone had great pallets, I couldn't imagine judging such a contest.

Thank You Again.
Kudos to candycrack, Tlemetry and misat*! Also congrats to the honorable mentions - and to everyone who entered, even.
The huge contest post is an amazing feast of chromatic delight! Big thanks to LuckyOliver for brining it on! :D
congratulations to the winners best wishes
this contest was a great visual delight! congratulations to all the winners! love love love for the palettes!
congradulations to everyone! (I'm siked to be an honorable mention)
and thanks to Darius and for such a great contest :D
congrats to all who entered

Thanks for the extra love:)Maple's dance

This kind of contest is fun, hope will be more~
Wow... What luck!! I feel very happy now, it's most gratifying that out of so many entries my pallet won third place. Thank you so much for choosing my pallet!

And Congrats to all other winners!!
Then I filled my heart with joy at all entries palettes. every palettes have respective colors at different lovers. There is a wealth of things to see!

love love love for the palettes and colors.
Thanks again.
wow, i made it into the honorable ones... ^ ^
congrats to everyone!! i won't denie i'm pretty jelous... but happy!
thanks colourlover
Good job everyone :)
Congrats to the winners!

I can't believe I made honorable mention! I just about pissed my britches! :D
congratulations to the winners! ^^
Congratulations! I wasn't inspired until I saw vibrant2001's comment.
Pissed My Britches
congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to the organizers for this competition, I had so much fun with it! :)
Silver, speaking for LuckyOliver we were honestly *delighted* to hold this contest with COLOURlovers. It just seemed like such a great pairing of skills, interests, and communities and everyone on both teams thought we'd get some cool entries out of it. But we were blown away by how many entries were submitted and how rock solid, stratospherically good they were.

Judging was really long and really hard, but the fact that everyone picked some really stunning images to build some truly gorgeous palettes off of made it fun to work through and discuss. Sincerely, thanks to everyone who submitted - we all had a blast and hope you all did too!

PS: In case anyone was wondering, Darius is totally professional, fun, and a delight to work with. He put a huge amount of effort into making this work and keeping it running from a technical perspective against the onslaught of entries, so he gets extra special thanks :)
congratulations to everyone. they're all gorgeous. it was fun.
Congratulations! I wasn't inspired until I saw vibrant2001's comment.

Hahahaha. I still cannot believe you did that. :D
Fantastic job one making palettes. Everybody did so well. It was so much fun! Congrats to the winners!
congrats, winners! :D

These are amazing! Every palette and photo is truely spectacular. Congrats to all the winners :)
Awesome contest, lets have more!!
Great entries everybody ... but Paris, the winner, is really something else :)
Simply Incredible !
I still love coming back and looking at these.

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