Contest: Photo Color Inspiration with LuckyOliver

Contest: Photo Color Inspiration with LuckyOliver

LuckyOliver is a growing stock photo marketplace that helps creative people buy and sell images. LuckyOliver's quality, low cost stock photos are used by designers, small businesses, marketers and DIY enthusiasts.

The Contest is Now Closed.

Wow! So many amazing entries. We're now looking at the more than 1,500 entries to find the winners of the contest. We'll be posting the results very soon. Thank you to all who shared some of your color inspiration.

Contest Details: is a great place to get wonderful stock photos at a good price... and COLOURlovers is a great place to share color ideas and inspiration. With your help we want to showcase some of the great photos on LuckyOliver and also your color loving talents at making color palettes. All you need to do to enter this contest is create a color palette inspired by a photo on LuckyOliver. We know you love sharing your color inspiration with others and now we're giving you the opportunity to win some awesome prizes for doing exactly what you love to do... So crank up your inspiration motors and start sharing the photo and color love.

This content will end March 17th and the winners will be announced on both COLOURlovers and Winners will be selected for the best palettes that captured the spirit / mood of the inspiration photo. Enter early and enter often.

How to Enter:


Step 1

Browse the great images at and choose one that inspires you.

Step 2

Save the watermarked photo preview to your computer
And Copy the URL to the photo

Step 3

Create a color palette on COLOURlovers inspired by the photo.
Make sure to paste the URL to the photo in the Inspiration Link area and browse your computer to find the photo preview.

Step 4

Once you've added your palette to COLOURlovers, add a tag to the palette "LuckyOliverLove"

Step 5

Grab the badge code for the palette you've created and add a comment to this post below, with your badge code.
Right Click and Copy the Image Location of your selected photo on
And using the photo button enter in the URL to your selected photo.

Step 6

Once you've added your entry comment to this post... Sit back, relax and win great prizes.

Prize Love:


First Prize

8GB iPod Touch or $300 via US check or PayPal
50 LuckyOliver tokens

Second Prize

1 x iPod Shuffle or $79 via US check or PayPal
50 LuckyOliver tokens

Third Prize

1 x iTunes Gift Card or $25 via US check or PayPal
25 LuckyOliver tokens

Good luck and Happy COLOURloving!

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Life Saver
Trash To Treasure
Spices hanging in rows
Shrimp Salad

joyful jelly
Lets try another one, new palette, new luck! SY

red golden Elegant golden floral background
Presto! Got it! For everybody with a similar problem: First add the code for the badge (provided by colour lovers) and then the code for the source image (provided by Lucky Oliver) SY
Sun Rise, Sun Set
pastel egg
Fried fresh egg, food
spirit houseSpirit house in Thailand - travel and tourism.
perfect skin tones
Sweet skincare.
Fresh Fish
Creamy Chocolate Swirl
ocean colours
Ocean Blue Sea
Great submissions so far. I just had a question. Can you only enter once? I've seen a few enter more than once/. If one entry per person are you doing their first entry posted?

Just curious since it didn't say how many times one person could enter.
Thank you to whom ever that sorted my first messed up submissions out ;-) SY

Your welcome - COLOURlover
Enter early and enter often.

As far as I understand you can enter as much palettes as you can create - That is FUN! I love LuckyOliver!and ColourLoversSY
My last entry - for today ;-)

Magic Red
magic scape with stars, planets and rainbow
Sorry I must of missed this part. Thanks :) will be adding more. Great contest!
New Boots
Double Dahlia
Sarah's House
Gerbera Tea

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