Be Our Valentine! Share the Color Love…

Be Our Valentine! Share the Color Love…

COLOURlovers is a welcoming, creative and supportive community and we want to hear you shout your love from the mountain tops for color. We want you to stand outside the tree in the front yard, late at night in the rain until color opens the bedroom window and tells you it loves you too. (Please don't actually wait outside our bedrooms...)

Did you know that two lovers of color met on this site a couple years ago and are now happily married? It has helped artists find ideas for their work... It has brought family members closer together and given friends and lovers something to share from thousands of miles away.
Flowers for love soft valentine

Profess Your Color Love...

Colors, Palettes and Patterns all tell stories and we want to hear what they are... How did you come to find COLOURlovers? How do you love thee? Why do you love Color so? Why can't you live without color?

Comment below with a palette, color or pattern badge and a short story as to how you love Color, or a fellow lover... or whatever you feel inspired to share.

Happy Valentines Day

According to the Greeting Card Association, 25 percent of all seasonal cards sent each year are valentines, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending occasion in the Unites States. Approximately 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, not including classroom valentines sent between children at school.

Some lovely places:
* Love Valley, NC
* Loveland, OH
* Loves Park, IL
* Loving County, TX
* Loving, NM
* Love County, OK

Some Color Love Inspiration

You are my love Heart-Shaped Box
love-a-lot bear Love Adict
Hello, i Love You to hot to love
he still loves her Nerdlove
love love love my secret valentine
Dive into Love Vintage Valentine
lonely hearts love thieves
Heart Trap light up my heart
Be Mine. would you be mine?

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Happy V-Day Everyone
Cardiovascular Day
Happy V-Day!
My first palette ever -- favorite colours to express my happiness at finding such an amazing place:

Because it was Love

Happy Valentine's, COLOURlovers!
One Lonely Valentine

V-Day Dissapointment


Love You So Much

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!

valentine flowers
Just don't get caught! Happy Valentines day to everyone!

Love in an Elevator
I wouldn't know where to start, I've been obsessed with colour since forever! I'm a bit OCD about putting coloured things into rainbow order, and when that can't be done I tend to opt for a blend! as a kid I was a nightmare whenever there was a giant pack of pens or crayons - I'd spend so much time lining them up in the best order I could rather than colouring! so this place is just perfect for me and I've made some wonderful friends here too :)
this is for all of you ...
love 'n' hugs
How could anyone not love love? Color is a kind of visual love that's available everywhere, even in the most boring business meeting. And every color looks good in the right company. What's not to love? :)
flowers incorporated
Unexpected Valentine

(hahaha, despite this being my first year to actually have a real valentine, my palettes seem sort of grumpy and cynical about it.)

Trying to explain my love of color is tough. It's just something I feel. I love admiring interesting combinations and it makes me sad when I see a set of colors that just really draws my attention in passing (say, on a girls outfit or perhaps in a class room..) and I don't have a means of capturing its essence. I try to write that stuff down but..alas, it does not always work. There's a palette I've been meaning to make that would perhaps be a nice description of my crazy color love, but I don't have my reference for its colors here. Boohoo :'
I want to kiss.

hooray -- i
Here's one from a couple of years ago...
Valentine 2006-02-14

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!
Ohhhhh myyyyy God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is really a happy valentine´s day for me !!! this is my pattern, and just like when the teacher used to show your work infront of all your class, I feel like a proud little girl!!! this is myyyyyyyyy pattern!! yeeee
Flowers for love
Thank you guys.... I just had dinner with my kids and they´r gone to sleep, and I thought to my self, oh well another non interesting v-day, but seen my pattern published here brought a smile to my face and a cozy feeling to my heart, sniff... jajja so thanks for this wonderful v-day present, and for giving people like my self a wonderful place to express my feelings, thoughts and meet beautiful people like all my colour loving friends!!!
Happy Vanlentine´s Day everyone!!!!! Loooooove you!!!
We swore to love
Big heart love

Love's Divine

Love, Heart, Soul

Love on a string

Valentine Love
Valentine Crush
hey! i just realized that the bottom edge of the top graphic is the palette chain lunalein and i made together. cool!
Valentine's Day Gift
compassionate hearts

Golden Love

Love me not

Happy Valentine'sDay

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