Teardrops as Prisms of Color

Teardrops as Prisms of Color

Intense moments in life can bring tears of both joy and pain. There can also be tears of something that transcends bodily feelings and emotions. These are tears of realization, when a union of some sort transforms into communion, or a passion transforms into compassion. "Bliss" might be the best word for this tearful state of being, though words are too limited. One way to inspire such tears is to look deeply into someone's eyes and to hold the gaze.

A friend once shared the insight that teardrops are prisms, reflecting and refracting angles and colors of life that can't be seen with dry eyes. Mozambique author Mia Couto suggests that tearful eyes are liquid conduits to the world of the unconscious, and that through the prism of a teardrop you can see visions of things not as you wish they were but as they really are. It's as if teardrops dissolve away one's defensive walls to reveal the archetypes dwelling in the background, the mythology taking place beneath the surface of the workaday world.

Throughout the ages, the joys, pains, and revelations of life have invited artists to gaze through teardrop prisms and to share their visions. Following is a small sampling of teardrop-inspired color palettes from the COLOURlovers library.

bottled tears Blue tears

Tears Of A Dragon Happy Tears

Rainbow Tears I Got Tears

Tears Tears Gone Dry

Crocodile Tears Scarlet Tears

Grover's Tears These Broken Tears

Tears Tears

winter tears bitter tears

periwinkle in tears tears on my pillow

Tears of Joy My Tears for You

How many tears? AllThoseTears

dry your tears tears don't dry

To learn more about the work of Mia Couto, see A Postmodern Nationalist: Truth, Orality, and Gender in the Work of Mia Couto yy Phillip Rothwell (2004).

Cover img by Tzatziki.


Craig ConleyAbout the Guest Author, Craig Conley
Website: http://www.OneLetterWords.com
Craig is an independent scholar and author of dozens of strange and unusual books, including a unicorn field guide and a dictionary of magic words. He also loves color: Prof. Oddfellow

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How I only wish I could hold a microscope to the face of a teary-eyed friend...

"Liquid conduits to the world of the unconscious"... to think what sorts of rainbows I would find in the space of one droplet-- certainly many a far cry from the traditional seven-color spectrum-- perhaps even colors we'd never known to exist!
this is so interesting.
It makes me think when you cry, your emotions (which have colours of course) come through the tears. yes, yes, very interesting.
How cool to see all the colors that tears can contain!
nice pallette

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