Patterns - More Ways to Play with Color

Patterns - More Ways to Play with Color

v3 launched with a major new section... Patterns. We knew that you loved finding great colors and arranging them in color palettes... so we guessed that you might want something to do with those palettes (Seeing as you've already created more than 3,400 different patterns in 2 days, I think we guessed right). We launched with just a couple dozen patterns to color but hope to add hundreds more over time. Create a Pattern or Browse the Patterns that have already been added.

Use Our Patterns

Desktop Wallpaper, Website Background, Virb Profile, Myspace Layout, Etc... All of our patterns can be freely downloaded or used, but a link back to COLOURlovers is always greatly appreciated and please no commercial use or selling of our patterns. Not sure if how you want to use the pattern is commercial? Let us know how you want to use it.

Share Your Patterns

If you are the creator of a seamless pattern, Let us know and we'll happily add it to the site. The patterns need to be able to tile, be 5 colors or less with no gradients and preferably in .svg format. Tell us how you want to be credited and we'll add your link.

Some Pattern Color Inspiration and Examples:

The River Styx

easy star- all stars
put in order Good Girl


Raspberry Bubbles
In This Room

Happy New Year Windshield @ Night

midnight fireworks pomegranate paradise

Almost Antiseptic Strawbrry Orange Jam

pxinn adict Lucrezia Borgia

Into The Mystic easy bleeder

Create A New Pattern

Using our pattern maker, it is super easy to select a pattern style and customize the colors to your liking.

Select a Pattern Styles

Customize the Colors by Clicking a Color Square

Your Pattern Preview Will Update as Your Change Colors

Were you looking for some awesome digital patterns? Check out Creative Market for some immediate downloads!

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I love the patterns! It was a wonderful idea and there's already SO many beautiful ones! (:
It's a brilliant idea! But wow - I can't imagine how you put it together to do what it does... thank you!
I actually found it was quite easy... I just drew a sketch of what it should do and Chris made it all work ;)
i have to admit, i'm warming up to it.
my absolute favourite patterns are florals.
You need to add more patterns for us to use!
Also, I'd like to be able to search by a particular pattern. Is there a way to do that already?
I may be a bit daft, but how do I actually download a pattern to use on a web page?
Lots of fun! I can't wait for more choices, too.
i've already used one of my own patterns for my myspace layout! i love it!
I can't wait to see the Paisleys!
It took a bit of getting used to but now I that I have, I LOVE it. Very brilliant idea! Now I can't wait to play with more patterns :D
This is fantastic! I The palettes are a great tool, but I seldom use equal amounts/proportions of colours in a design, and the patterns actually make it easier to visualise how my primary, secondary and accent colours hang together.
The patterns are so very cool! Chris is apparently some kind of genius. ;)
Would it be possible to fix it so the hexcode is beside the
Color #1
Color #2
Or to make it so we can drag & drop the colors around like we can do when making palettes?
By the way ... thanks Darius Darlin :-)
Two thumbs up from your pattern-loving friends at Pinball Publishing!
Oh so awesome!!
One complaint: You can't just pop a premade palette into a pattern. If you can make it so that I can just select one of my palettes and shuffle around the colors--or if you can make it so that a new palette can be created on the fly from a pattern without copy-and-paste then the patterns will be perfect.
This is cool! :-)
There are two curious looking patterns: Birthday Wrapping and Raspberry Bubbles. Why doesn't that pattern exist anymore??
Neropatti wrote:There are two curious looking patterns: Birthday Wrapping and Raspberry Bubbles. Why doesn't that pattern exist anymore??

i'd like to know too- what happened to that pattern ?

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