v3.0 Launch Party with Imagekind - Live

Hello COLOURlovers,

Well here she is... v3 in all her glory. We probably should call this 3


to emphasize that we have had little time to test the new site and trouble shoot any little hiccups... But, we're throwing a party and we couldn't do it without tons of new color love.

We'll do a proper post in the next couple days to explain and better showcase all the new things that have been added, but until then you'll have to be a curious lover and go exploring.

Wee.0 Launch Part - Live (Not Quite Live... 7pm +PST)

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Awww have I missed the broadcasting? :(
By the way... the revamp of the site looks sooooooooo smexy! I absolutely adore it!

Great job to everyone!
Nope, you haven't missed it - it's live now - hit play. BTW, I will be there a little while from now repping Imagekind (I work for them, in case you didn't know) and I will try and remember to wave at all of you lovers who have to attend digitally. I'll be the one in the long hair and t-shirt :)
So fresh, so clean! I love the new site!
watching for you, nifty.
Woohoo! Great look! All the colors really pop! The new patterns feature is certainly enticing.
Must go explore! :D
Congratulations COLOURlovers!
I'm another Imagekind employee, I'll be there soon, also! :)
there are some fabulous sandwiches here and the wine is delicious

I mean, Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

the new design is great, folks. love it lots.
Congrats Darius :)
You guys rock! Thank you!!! muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Dude, I love the new design. Not only because of the graphic elements, but also because of the darker color. Because of this the layout is neutral when viewing a palette. GREAT JOB!! :D
love it love it love it!!!
it looks so cool
and the pattern thingy is so much fun!
wow.. What a Great new feel on the website..
pattern is great.. !!... its new.. din't see anyone doing it before..

Well done ..!!

I'm lost sometime. haha. due to busy workload.. I'm back to COLOURlover..
Is there any way to watch the video if we missed it live?
I want pictures!!!
I love the darker grey. Any chance of a pattern showing 2 walls, a floor, a ceiling and a piece of furniture?

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