Heavy and Weightless Colors

Heavy and Weightless Colors

heavy feather

To paraphrase a classic riddle, which weighs more: a pound of yellow feathers or a pound of red lead? Color may be a weighty subject, but the spectrum can't be gaged in terms of tonnage. The Swiss painter Paul Klee observed that colour can be "neither weighed nor measured. Neither with scales nor with ruler can any difference be detected between two surfaces, one a pure yellow and the other a pure red, of similar area and similar brilliance. And yet, an essential difference remains, which we, in words, label yellow and red" (On Modern Art, 1948). Klee was right—even though colors don't technically have weight, they can appear quite heavy and substantial or extraordinarily light and vaporous.

ColourLover Steph6 attempted to bridge the gap between heavy and light colours. She coined a sandy colour "Heavy Light."
Heavy Light

Other COLOURlovers have attempted to classify weightless colors and palettes:

weightlessness Weightless

weightless weightlessness

weightless Weightless

weightless weightless

weightless. weightless

weightless We feel weightless

Weightless Already?? weightless reprieve.

Weightless weightless dreams

weightless mood Weightless Greens


On the opposite end of the scales, heavy colors and palettes include:

heavy heavy gold

heavy Heavy Blue

Heavy heavy

heavy heavy

heavy gray blue Heavy

Heavyweight heavy

too heavy heavyness

heavy too heavy!!

Heavy Brown it's a little heavy

heavy content

(Thanks to Paul Dean for his colorful research.)

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Fun inspiration!
she's so... heavy
Heavy Metal Artists
We need one for heavy water. (Deuterium Oxide). It was thought to be so important for the German nuclear energy effort that a sabotage mission destroyed a heavy water plant in Norway and sent a shipment of tank cars to the bottom of a lake. 2O" />
Light as a feather
Heavy Thoughts
Thanks for using my color! I'm glad you wrote this article because there are definitely times when I think of colors and palettes in terms of weight. Here are a couple of examples:

I can just see this palette being caught by a gentle breeze and carried aloft...

Linen Breeze

This palette has such weight that it is almost tangible. I can see this palette draped across a chair and slowly sliding to the floor under it's own weight...

Linen Breeze
Oops! That second palette was supposed to be this one

Old World Luxury
Just think-- if colors could be "weighted"-- the force of gravity would determine the amount of tint and shade of literally every object under the sun-- can you imagine what that would do for our spacial intuition?! Of course, that's if the sheer weight of all those colors didn't cause the very universe to implode on itself and be sucked through a black hole... "it's a little heavy" indeed!

What a wonderful breath of fresh "weightless" (particularly of molemouse's variety)...
wow, gimmick. that's a heavy subject. :P

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