Heterochromia: Eyes of Different Colors

Heterochromia: Eyes of Different Colors

Heterochromia is an eye condition in which each iris is a different color. It occurs when an iris has either excess or deficient pigmentation. The condition is hereditary, but it can also manifest after an injury or disease. Because the effect is rather striking, some people without the condition use differently colored contact lenses to simulate heterochromia.

Famous people with the condition include English singer/songwriter David Bowie, American actor Christopher Walken, English actress Jane Seymour, American baseball pitcher Max Scherzer, Israeli basketball coach Oded Kattash, American actress Kate Bosworth, American singer Tim McIlrath, American actor Dan Aykroyd, and the Greek king Alexander the Great.

Two different iris colors can inspire some eye-catching palettes. Consider the following side-by-side colors from the COLOURlovers library:

Eye Brown Eye Light Khakigreen eye pupil eye greenEye Color 1 Eye Color 2Eye Color 3 Eye Color 4Eye Color 5 eye colourSilent Eye 1 Royal Eye 4bob's eye color Eye Green Greyeye twinkle eye of greenmy eye colour browneyeEye color 5 bunny eye blueEye Green eye brownNature Eye 5 Royal Eye 2Royal Eye 3 Nature Eye 2Aqua Eye 1 Aqua Eye 2Eye Blue eye contacteye blue witch eye greeneye inside in her eye 4in her eye 5 Frighten Eye 3Lookup Eye 1 eye blue-greeneye envy Sprinkle Eye 2eye brown Lemon Eye 5Lemon Eye 3 Lookup Eye 2Lookup Eye 3 Silent Eye 4Silent Eye 2 eye coloureye twinkle Silent Eye 3eye shade 5 in her eye 2in her eye 3 eye grayeye black Aqua Eye 4Aqua Eye 3 in her eye 1eye green witch eye bluebrowneye greye

img Cover photo by InfectedProject.

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so weird. my sister just asked me to photoshop a picture of her to simulate (what we now know is) heterochromia!

my lab partner in biology has this condition. it's fascinating.
i had a friend who had this. it was very cool.
great colours! but alexander the great wasn`t greek. he was from macedonia.
David Bowie's eyes are both blue. One eye was injured when he was a teenager, leaving the pupil permanently dilated, creating a heterochromia-like look to Bowie's eyes.
At university I had a friend with one green eye and one blue. I thought it was quite striking and rather envied it. However, it was embarassed by it.

I don't understand your explanation of insufficient pigmentation though. If there was one eye with colour and one that lacked colour, it would make sense. However, green and blue are completely different colours and one can't say that one is simply more pigmentation than another.
I knew someone with two yellow eyes, but that would be just weak brown...
My sister-in-law has one brown eye and the other is part brown and part green.
Heterochromia Cat
Amazing, completely. I even know a peron who has a blue eye and a half blue/ half brown eye. Crazy cool!
My uncle was born with one blue eye and one blue/brown eye!

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