Color Palettes in Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase)

Color Palettes in Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase)

Almost all of us use Adobe products in our professional and hobby design lives, but the new release of CS3 made it very hard for developers and websites like ours to allow users to get their palettes into the CS3 suite of products. CS3 uses a new format for storing color palettes aka schemes / swatches and Adobe kept their .ase file format a secret so that only Adobe Kuler could export to this format... Well, we're not very good about NOT sharing the color love... so Chris our skilled code engineer poured over all the specifications and documentation on the file format to figure out how to share that .ase love with everybody.

The Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) File Format - Source Code

For any other color lovers, developers or creative individuals who would like their applications and websites to be able to spit out .ase color palettes...

Here is the .ASE Source Code we are using.

Downloading .ase Color Palettes from COLOURlovers

COLOURlovers has over 200,000 user created palettes with more than 25,000 being added monthly. Not only is the community a creative and fun place to share color ideas... those ideas can be used in several professional design programs.
1.) Find a palette you love and want to use in CS3, then click the ASE icon and save the file to your computer. (We're using this color palette in our example.)
Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) Color Palettes
2.) In your CS3 program, under your swatches window click the right facing arrow.
Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) Color Palettes
3.) Choose load swatch and find the COLOURlovers file you saved on your computer.
Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) Color Palettes
4.) Once you click ok the color will be added to your colors swatch library.

Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) Color Palettes

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This is something I've been wanting for YEARS!! Great work!!!!!
ooh, this is beautiful!
Awesome, thanks for providing the source for your hard work. Way to spread the love!
the sweetness is just too much - this is the reason i joined here in the first place. really, this kicks .ase!
Nice hint. You can even drag and drop the .ase file into the active area of your Photoshop. This works both with CS2 and CS3. The palette will be directly loaded in the swatch.
Also, if one of you would like to improve upon this code, we'd be more than happy to update what we have to keep it up to date and make it more robust :-)
This is terrific! Now the only thing thats missing is that desktop app.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
ooh; the way i do it is when i click the .ase button to download a palette, i open it straight with Adobe Photoshop CS3 (i'm using firefox, i selected an "other" program when opening it with a program and set adobe photoshop cs3 as my default) instead of downloading it to a folder/my desktop, and it just adds itself to my swatches. it adds instantly if photoshop is already open, if not then photoshop has to load and open (which in itself doesn't take very long at all) and then it adds itself to the swatches.

do any other people do it like that? :]
Too many people lately been restricting the use of color. It's gotta stop... color should be free for all.
Love this! Will post it to our blog.
does anyone here know why a .ase file with 1500 colors would only load the first 55 when imported into photoshop cs3?
I....., "I once was lost..., but now I'm found!!!" Thank YOOOOU 4 zee info!!! LUHVIN' THIS CHERE!!!
Very interesting script. There is a version for javascript?

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