The Color Sense Game from Pittsburgh Paints

The Color Sense Game from Pittsburgh Paints

I can't tell you the number of quizzes I've taken over the years trying to get an outside opinion about what's going on inside my head, but the ones I've found most interesting are those that ask questions of the senses -- other than sight -- to find your "inner" colour. No matter where you go, however, the underlying theme with all of these quizzes suggests colour in personality, or personality in colour.

By age five, almost all of us have a favorite colour. Associating ourselves with that colour, surrounding ourselves with it, and forsaking all others (at some point) is common place. But what if your favorite colour doesn't meet your inspirational needs? What if your energetic orange room doesn't let you relax? What if your deep blue room doesn't energize you? What if you need a different set of eyes to see what's missing? Looking to expand on the colors you already know any love? Here are some places you can go to find out just what to do.

The Voice of Color

the voice of color by pittsburgh paints   

Paint is the cheapest and most dynamic way to change a room. While accuracy is always called into question, what interests me most about this room colour test is its approach. Found here on our very own forum, Pittsburgh Paints brings their answer to the typical, over-simplifying colour-personality quiz by asking about what tastes, smells, textures, and principles you hold in the highest. With Pittsburgh Paints, it's all about you and your radically subjective world.

voice of color taste bar

By bringing subjectivity to the seemingly objective world of colour scheming, the results can yield wonders. Where you'd spend those two weeks away from the office, what you'd like to hear when relaxing, and what you feel is missing from your space currently all takes affect on what colour should be in that room. With your results comes a collection of palettes suited to meet your needs. From inspirational blues to engaging earth tones, Pittsburgh Paints can bring you just what you need to complete -- or start -- your room.

room colour scheme chooser

Each question tracks a number a variables with keywords like harmonious or luminous, compassionate or audacious, and each of those are bound to certain colors or colour families.

Clicking and dragging numbers to paint cans, answering some multiple choice, and playing with some colour will all lead to your results, giving you an idea of what would please you most. After the quiz, the result -- instead of HTML badges for Livejournal -- Pittsburgh paint will then show colour palettes in the collection the quiz decides appeals most to you. Whether the results inspire or surprise you, see what you can find in the new world of ideas.

   pittsburgh paints blue colour swatches

Don't like one or two of the colors? Change them up.

Love it? Use it.

Discover your inner color self.

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Hey, this is really cool and interesting. I can just hear the the planning discussions when they were coordinating the programming and goal logistics. Definitly have to play with this when I get home.
i took it a few days ago and it came out right on. its a fun and interesting quiz, and i think it was quite accurate.
The test is interesting!... I enjoyed figuring it out!
That was really disappointing. When the quiz gave you options to choose from, there were usually none that I found appealing! But you still have to choose something to move to the next question. What a waste of 10 minutes.
Although I did find this article intersting, well at least the first two paragraphs!

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