Color Inspiration: Blends, Gradients, Steps, Oh My!

Color Inspiration: Blends, Gradients, Steps, Oh My!

Blend, Gradient, Steps... whatever you call them, they're fun to make and to look at. I tried to organize them as best possible, but it honestly is difficult to categorize these things. First we have blends where all the colors are in pretty much the same hue. Then blends to black or gray. Analogous blends are of colors that are near each other on the color wheel and I threw the rest in complementary blends as they, for the most part have colors across the color wheel from each other.

Monochromatic Blends _oo _oo

[L] AlterEgo <3 peachbelle

cherry valance Almost spring

Attack! 200-240 Degrees By10

a cold day blue fader

deep down Be Mine!

'Dowager's Greens a whole room

' Choy Bourgeon de Tilleul

british racing green BlendingStefie

BlankStares blurry.

banana. :] break up '.

Cloud 9 6th Ave. Heartache

Blend to Dark

Black Hole Sun Berry Twilight

Bordeaux-a-Go-Go a typical osoning.

acid burns color me cliche

4 days later 1/3 opposites

another pearl DisolveIntoDust

echo cooling coals

chocolate wrapper a glimpse of you

Analagous Blends

Bonjour|Discogranny blending my mind

Alice, Alice!!! चिकन

back to nature Arelyn Yellow-Orange

240-280 Degrees By10 .spolf pilf

A blues for us baby girl

blended Breathe deeply

&theyscreamCHEATER 120-160 Degrees By10

a day without pain another blues for us

all by myself Breath to us

concord cherry Blend

Complementary Blends

Caesar angry step-father

a stellar sayonara as it is in heaven

are you crazy? bambus

BigBird Barney Blend CautionYourThoughts

Eggnoggin' [vcc] Melancholy

a bath a month Aftertaste

blue burns orange car alarm

Capricious palette Daniel Johnston

2 much beauty on TV [VCC] Firecracker

another sunny day Dirty Diana

chemist's son BadBlendOfTheWorst

American Eagle. acid test

Did I miss any of your favorites? Share them in the comments below.

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Blends and series are fine, if you can get past all of the low votes. Some don't like dull colors. Some don't like bright colors. Some don't like colors in equal steps. Some don't like colors that don't change much. There are lots of comments in this recent 15 color series that kind of kill the mood.
I see some samples above, but I might as well post the whole analogous wheel.

This is a 36 color every 10 degrees of saturated hue blend/gradiant. 9 palettes have end colors overlapping. Push out this line to start series below.

0-40 Degrees By 10
40-80 Degrees By 10
80-120 Degrees By 10
120-160 Degrees By10
160-200 Degrees By10
200-240 Degrees By10
240-280 Degrees By10
280-320 Degrees By10
320-0 Degrees By 10
I have a whole group for double blends. Start with 3 colors. They can be random, and look best if they are fairly far apart. In the second palette, color 2 is halfway between colors 1 and 3. Color 4 is halfway between colors 3 and 5.
Neapolitan Ice CreamMelted Neapolitan
This is a stepped blend exercise. Color #DEFFAD is at the right of all palettes. The top has fairly wide steps. The step size is decreased in each palette.
Widest DE**ADWider DE**ADWide DE**ADInTheMiddleOf DE**ADPastel DE**ADPale DE**ADVery Pale DE**ADExtremelyPale DE**AD
Are these the 2 worst colors? I decided to blend them into 3, 4, 5 and 10 colors.
The Worst Colors
MegaWorstBlend 1of2
MegaWorstBlend 2of2
Zico, thanks for reminding me... I grabbed the image when I first started the post and then couldn't remember where I got it from.
Love is all about sharing!
This is so great!
desirable article.
so... honestly is difficult to categorize these colors on palette.
but what the audience draws from these colors on palette is their precious feeling.
hopefully, have a wonderful thing.
melting sighdesert daybreakGlow-in-the-darkdawning skymoonshiny grasslandblue flew awayempty dream
merry merry
Murky Waters
Violet Dusk
I love this article... seeing as how I have like 29384729384723 blends. :]
and my blend :)

be happy
soooo sweet
fun loving
yes!! i love blends, it's nice to see baby girl up there =)

here's a couple more ;)

falling sky


can't help myself
Hey, there are some of mine :) Thanks for showcasing!
Okay, I have to display four more here. They are simple mathematical blends but I like the color-combos :)
Botox Party
butter in pan
Legionnaires Disease
Very nice overview. Sort of hypnotising too. Thanks for posting "black hole sun".
... and "too much beauty on tv".
and for those just not keen on blends, gradients, gradations, steps as palettes, there's the group, Anyone Can Make A Gradient... ;)
Short attention span blend:
ShortAttention Blend
Too bad we only have 5 colors here. 1 blends to 2. 2 is blended to 3. 3 blends to 4. 4 is a blend to 5.
Vargas BlondeNewborn FleshHigh as a KiteTequila SunriseScore! - err, Fore!
I like doing complementary blends.

And some analogous
Blood n the shavings

And some monochromatic
Smoke Pearl
More Grape Jelly

I guess this one would be dark to light
Edenesquemodestydawn graywith love
My pallete:
Fire Flames Yagas Swaha
Coconut Leaves
Be Vegetarian
God's own country
Glass Blue
Sunset over Drying..
Tormented Goodbyes

Empirical Formulae

Moon Phases

Let It Rain


Bind My Soul

I was inspired by old looney tunes cartoons to create these.

Vintage_Cartoons_2" />

Vintage_Cartoons_1" />

And while I could never match the colors that Mother Nature herself came up with while watching the dawn come one morning, this was the best I could do.

Dawn_Comes_Softly" />
all are incredible!!! *O*

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