Flower Color Theory: White, Red, Pink and Green

Throughout history flowers, and their colors, have been used to convey sadness, happiness, friendship, love and even dislike. Ever been given a dead black rose? If so, you know exactly the emotions that can come packed in a single flower. It’s really no wonder that we are all so drawn to flowers.

Flowers and color are synonymous. Just do a quick palette search here at COLOURlovers containing the word “flower” and you will instantly be shown a multitude of beautiful palettes whose colors can only be replicated in nature. There is no other product that conveys so much feeling based on its color alone. They are sexy, intriguing, and universal and perfect for any occasion.

White Flowers

White Flowers

Traditionally white flowers, the symbol of tranquility, peace and elegance are used for sympathy offerings and weddings. Their stately appearance lends itself to many types of floral applications. It may seem odd that white flowers are used for both celebration and mourning but really, while sympathy flowers convey grief, they also celebrate life and cherished memories.

White FlowersFlowers have been used for religious and celebratory ceremonies since the dawn of time. For wedding ceremonies wreaths of flowers and foliage have long been used to adorn the brides hair much like a crown. Flowers were carried for their meaning such as “good luck” and “prosperity” unlike the bridal bouquets of today which are carried for beauty and to add some color personality against the bride’s neutral toned dress.

In funeral services flowers and herbs were used to anoint the body. Today, sympathy flowers are used to comfort the family during their time of loss and as a remembrance to the deceased.

Popular White Flowers: Calla Lilies, Lily of the Valley, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Paperwhites and Oriental Lilies.

Ask your local florist to create an all white floral design for maximum impact. Also, ivory flowers, a variation of white, are a perfect compliment to dark flowers in shades of burgundy, dark blue, and deep purple. Rustic toned containers are a wonderful contrast to the stark beauty of your favorite white flower.

Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers

Pink flowers, the symbol of grace, innocence and joy, are typically used to welcome home a baby girl, to celebrate a girl or woman’s birthday and to tell that special lady that you are thinking of her.

Pink FlowersLight pink flowers always bring a smile to your face because of the innocence they convey. Much like a baby girl brings a smile out from within, pink flowers do the same. Pink flowers are so amazing because, unlike white, they come in so many different tones. A great example of this is hot pink flowers especially because they bring an entirely different emotion. They conjure up memories of rhapsodic romances, hot summer nights, tropical escapes, and even butterflies in your stomach. Be careful with hot pink flowers though, they can tend to create a sense of unease with their bright, nervous color.

Popular Pink Flowers: Tulips, Carnations, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Gerbera Daisies, and who can forget the Peony!?

Your local florist can create a beautiful monochromatic design by mixing light pinks with hot pinks. Talk about a conversation starter!

Red Flowers

Red Flowers

Of course we could never forget the flowers of romance. Red flowers express love, courage and beauty and with one look at a perfect red rose, it’s no question why. Red flowers of any type are given as symbols of love. Red has even been shown to increase blood pressure and rate of respiration…how’s that for an emotional charge?

Red FlowersDon’t worry about sending red flowers “too soon” in a relationship. Red not only means love but it also can give the feeling of strength and confidence. If you want to grab someone’s attention, send red flowers!

Great Red Flower Choices: Red roses,for the more traditional route, or how about some James Storie Orchids, Dahlias, Anemones (My personal favorite!), or Amaryllis.

All red flowers mixed together in a glass vase are the most striking floral design you may ever see. Try Black Magic roses, James Storie Orchids, and Anemone from your local florist, that combination is so stunning!

Green Flowers

Green Flowers

Rarely are flowers in shades of green used alone. Lime green, for example, paired with bright bubblegum pink causes the pink to pop and look more rich and full of texture. Green is a great representative of nature. It produces feelings of renewal and refreshment. If you know someone who is having a lousy day call your local florist and order a bouquet with some fresh limes mixed in. The color along with the scent is tropical, calming and refreshing…enough to get anyone out of a bad mood!

Green flowers symbolize good luck and good fortune, and who doesn’t need that? While we are all familiar with the deep, lush green of foliages, lime green is making a huge appearance as well.

Some Great Green Flower Choices: Viburnum, Mini Hydrangea, Green Goddess Calla Lilies, “Kermit” or “Yoko Ono” button mums and Cymbidium Orchids.

In honor of the season ask your local florist to punch it up a notch by creating a floral design for early fall. For an exciting and refreshing combo that’s something really different have a bouquet created out of lime green flowers mixed with bright orange. Try orange roses and carnations mixed in with lime green button mums and great green foliages.
I always took color for granted in floral design as it came so naturally to me but I never could understand why I was putting colors together. Once I started dissecting the colors and what each one meant I was intrigued by the emotions that are conveyed just by a single flower! Flowers, like color, are powerful and bilingual, they speak everyone’s language.

Enjoy Each Beautiful Bloom!

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