Apple’s iPod Colors Growing Up

Apple’s iPod Colors Growing Up

At the Apple Special Event this week, they announced several new products and updates... One update I found very interesting was change in colors for the new iPod Nano and Shuffle... Away have gone the bright pop colors and welcomed in are more mature, rich colors. Apple has been a dominating force in the digital music scene with iTunes & iPod...

Are they now making an effort to dominate the rest of the "older" market?

Music can be a very youthful industry. In most Mass-Market Genres: Pop, Rap, R&B, Etc. the most popular artists usually have a expiration date around 30 years old. Apple has done a great job tapping the young and creative crowd to create a very loyal and early adopting fan base. The buying power of these young early adopters has fueled amazing growth of the digital music industry and with an already great market share, it looks like Apple is using some more mass-appealing colors to reach out to the rest of the market.

Old iPod Nano Colors

The previous iPod colors were bright and candy colored. They were easily accessorizable for a tween girl, but your uncle might have been a little more confused about whether to buy Bubble Gum Pink, or Candy Apple Green... The new iPods are more saturated in color, but still convey a fun and colorful vibe.

Old Colors

Old iPod Nano Colors




New Colors

New iPod Nano Colors

What Do You Think of the Color Change?


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black, please.
I hate the muted colors; but, at least they aren't "earth tones".... Sigh... I love the vivid, straight from the tube colors which are nearly impossible to mix on an artists palette. All the rest just look like watercolor palette dribble to me.

Also... Who says that mature adults have to be so constipated in their color choices? Geeze! I may be over 40; but, I sure as hell am not dead yet!
I'm not a fan of the new, muted colors either. I feel like they're much more corporate and "safe", tailored for a safe J.Crew world. Are these really the fashion colors of the moment? It feels like this is a cop-out, an indication of how UN-trendy Apple's current market is.

If anything, they've tempted me to go buy an older orange Shuffle before they disappear!
These new colors are safe? Not necessarily. They just made it easier for guys to buy one of them.
I never see colors as 'safe' or 'not-safe'.... What do you mean with that tmccool?
Now that it has been awhile, I am use the colours. I will always like the original more though. Yet that emeraldy teal green is just yuck. I feel as though that colour is off.
my favorites are the new purple & old blue.

my daughter has the new blue shuffle & i have a silver nano... wish they would have had the purple the day i bought it at the place i bought it. =(
That's a great change.. Little more easy on the eyes and contemporary.
i like the new green *O*

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