Apple’s iPod Colors Growing Up

Apple’s iPod Colors Growing Up

At the Apple Special Event this week, they announced several new products and updates... One update I found very interesting was change in colors for the new iPod Nano and Shuffle... Away have gone the bright pop colors and welcomed in are more mature, rich colors. Apple has been a dominating force in the digital music scene with iTunes & iPod...

Are they now making an effort to dominate the rest of the "older" market?

Music can be a very youthful industry. In most Mass-Market Genres: Pop, Rap, R&B, Etc. the most popular artists usually have a expiration date around 30 years old. Apple has done a great job tapping the young and creative crowd to create a very loyal and early adopting fan base. The buying power of these young early adopters has fueled amazing growth of the digital music industry and with an already great market share, it looks like Apple is using some more mass-appealing colors to reach out to the rest of the market.

Old iPod Nano Colors

The previous iPod colors were bright and candy colored. They were easily accessorizable for a tween girl, but your uncle might have been a little more confused about whether to buy Bubble Gum Pink, or Candy Apple Green... The new iPods are more saturated in color, but still convey a fun and colorful vibe.

Old Colors

Old iPod Nano Colors




New Colors

New iPod Nano Colors

What Do You Think of the Color Change?


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Muted is in, neons are out. Seems like a pretty sweeping trend to me?
i love the new green, but i miss the orange
i beat y'all again! (i posted this this morning..)

The New iPod Colors
The old blue will always be my lover...
acctually i beat all of you!

made one..
its simply just so amazing.. new colour trends ..
Fitness, Classic tones, Music, Mature Audiences

Could they have thought about the fitness side as well?
I think they went the more subtle colors could have a relationship to the fitness market, as well as targeting maybe the more mature. It has been pointed out several times that America is the most 'fattest' nation.

Though as I was talking to my Love about the change, I think that the IPOD Shuffles are going to lose. Because as a woman in her 30's. I have certain wants and want the more advanced features as well, rather than leaving things to shuffle.

Anyway just a few thoughts.
Sorry for the rough post there. Too many thoughts were running through my head while trying to put them down in the post. I hope you can understand my points. Why can't we edit our comments?
ooh, i got owned! :)
i'd like it in a dark midnight blue or a chocolate brown...
I'd be into that as well deliquescence... these muted pastel-y shades do nothing for me; although I do kind of like the red.
The new colors are definitely a lot more "toned down" compared to the bright neon shuffles. Personally, though, I really did like the orange iPod. That color, being that it has never been found on an iPod before except through Colorware, drove me to buying an Orange Shuffle first day it came out.

These new colors are nice, but I think the vibrant colors definitely help the user "stick out" more, which is more trendy in the younger generation.
I also really miss the orange shuffle, I came so close to buying a shuffle a number of times because of that color. Despite the fact that I've already got a 30GB iPod.
I like the new red. The other colors are a bit pastel/Easter Egg for my taste.
This reminds me of earlier in the millennium: the more primary colors of the G3 iMac -- pinkish red, aqua, purple, orange and neon green -- were replaced after about 18 months with a more refined pallet: forest green, wine, smoky grey and white (as far as I recall). Same reasoning, no doubt.
P.S. If my current blue Shuffle were up against that periwinkle on the shelf, I would have picked the latter.
Oh, and navy blue.
I think the new colours are moderately boring but then again I do have a silver shuffle.... **SNORE**
I only like the red. The old orange was nice. But those colors (the old ones) all in one palette were screaming at my eyeballs.
Oh yeah...the new blue is groovy too.
"deliquescence wrote:
i'd like it in a dark midnight blue or a chocolate brown..."

Yes! My 2 most favorite colors! (** besides pink(s))
i would like a clear plastic effect, so i could see whats inside :), im not into really having colours with my ipod as such, as you always end up liking another colour, why not clear people?
I like the new colors better, but I liked the orange, too.
The old and new are both beautiful. I'm not a shuffle person, though.
i miss the hot pink and aqua, tho the new colours r refreshing.
this is really one of the most amazing things that Apple has ever done. even better than the iPod.
is it the end of that 80' neon color trend ??

mute colors and organic shapes are on their way to be trendy again ...
Does this remind anyone else of the color addition that Crayola Markers made...if I had to guess...sometime in the mid 90s from the regular ROYGBV colors to the more "sophisticated" colors? I can't remember the name of the color set, but I distinctly remember having those 4 colors plus some others in a color set...
Yeah, I can see based on what you're saying how the new colors might work a lot better for a more mature audience, but I personally preferred the old brighter colors. I wish they would have kept them both.
That said, I'm not in general happy with the way Apple has been treating the iPods lately, I thought the Nanos and the iPod classic used less than stellar materials, I was upset they didn't have the shiny white and black. :/
I've got an (old) green Nano, I like the old colors more then the new ones. The only colors I like from the new generation are black and blue... But that's just my opinion, no body has to give a fuck about it ;)
The red is off

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