Philips Aurea: A Colorful Viewing Experience

Philips Aurea: A Colorful Viewing Experience

Philips Ambilight Series of TVs extend the colors of video outside of the screen to create an ambiance that heightens the viewing experience... and they are now releasing their latest creation, Aurea. The new 42" Aurea doesn't just extended the colors onto the wall behind the TV anymore, it extends the color out of the back, front and sides.

Four trillion colours processing
Vibrant and natural images from most advanced colour processing. The three colour channels (RGB) are optimised using 14 bit resolution, a total processing power of four trillion colours. It produces vibrant colours while retaining excellent sharpness. The advanced algorithms detect subtle colour shades and skin tones, and processes these to give most natural colours.

The Philips Aurea Website

The Aurea was just presented at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin and has been well received so far. When the TV reaches stores it will cost you around 4-5k.

I haven't yet seen an Ambilight TV in person, but being a lover of colors I have a feeling I would enjoy the color light experience created by the TV.

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I would love to see it but not own it. I kicked the TV habit about 2 years ago and I'm doing well in my recovery...
It's expensive sure, but *^$%$# is this sexy or what!?
Imagine seeing something like O Brother Where Art Thou on this.... or playing some next gen console stuff!
I don't get this. I think it's distracting.
im not sure about how 'great' this feat. is, and I imagine some directors actually dislike the feature.

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