Post-it Art : Productivity in Many Wonderful Colors

Post-it Art : Productivity in Many Wonderful Colors

In the corporate world, climbing ladders and shaking hands run simultaneous. Between lunches, dinners, and meetings, something had to surface among the numbing UV lights of the office to keep everything in line. The Post-it Note, a small square with re-adhearable adhesive on the back, was one such answer. The three-inch bright yellow square was employed as a reminder, a note, or for organization... But some don't see it as only a productivity tool... they see it as a medium for colorful art.

Even on 3M's corporate site the Post-it Notes are sold with the slogan "So express yourself in color." Some creative people took that idea to heart and below are several examples of how people have used the sticky notes to create works of art.

colorful post-it art
img  by lightwerk

"TO DO" is a project by the New York based public art collaborative, Illegal Art. Feel free to write your own "to do" list on a Post-it®. Please do not remove any Post-its®. We will be documenting the project as the week continues and installing new Post-its® as the space fills.

colorful post-it art
img  by Nicolas Rudelle

colorful post-it art
img  by ih8gates

Read the post-it mosaic howto [updated] for instructions on how to recreate this style of art.

colorful post-it art
img  by Joshua Field

colorful post-it art
img  by misocrazy

colorful post-it art
img  by Sidereal

colorful post-it art
img  by benvolut

colorful post-it art
img  by bwillen

34 Colors and 8 Palettes of Post-it Notes

post-it note palettes   

Although Post-it Notes are generally thought of as their iconic pale yellow color, they come in a fairly wide variety. From the standard canary to hot pink, it's safe to say that all of the colours will stand out. With thirty-four colours at your fingertips, you're able to create some of art of your own -- even if it is only to remind you to buy more eggs at the market.

Some Post-it Colour Inspiration:

Post-it Notes   post-it Che

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This kind of art is such a great idea
i love it! i've also seen photos of bored office workers playing practical jokes and covering entire cubicles, computer mouse and picture frames and all in post-its. There was even one where they covered an entire car in them. It's amazing and such a fun and creative idea!
Hey ruecian, you must have missed this one:
Wow! It's really amazing the sort of beautiful imagery that's possible with such a simple little disposable object.
I've seen quite a lot of stop frame animation done with post it notes. I'll try to find the link
creativness has no limit!

we ♥ these brains...
Here is my Post-it palette I made some time ago:


I ♥ colorful Post-its! ;)
Cool stuff
Haha...I love post-it notes art :) It takes such time, effort and careful planning. Thanks for sharing.
Wow that is fantastic. :)
Post-It/ 3M couldn't pay for better advertising!

love the To Do project - and, well, all the rest of them... the window displays are genius :)
That's very cool
Post Its
Just saw this post but here is a Post It palette that I did awhile back :)
wow,it's very nice,
This is a very good concept and i m going to use it in my test site. Thanks and all hail the post-its.
I appreciate art, all types of it. But when I saw the post-it projects, the first thing that came into my mind is not WOW ART, but WHAT A WASTE OF PAPER.
I'd give props if you used USED Post-its.
I love that living room wall. I would find a way to try and seal those behind something so it's permanent, but I don't know what would work. Some kind of clear coat lacquer or something.

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