Colors of Religion:  Hinduism

Colors of Religion: Hinduism

Hinduism is an extremely diverse religion. Although some tenets of the faith are accepted by most Hindus, scholars have found it difficult to identify any doctrines with universal acceptance among all denominations. Prominent themes in Hindu beliefs include Dharma (ethics/duties), Samsāra (The continuing cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth), Karma (action and subsequent reaction), Moksha (liberation from samsara), and the various yogas (paths or practices). It even ranges in the perceived concept of God, from monotheism to polytheism, to even panentheism, pantheism, monism and even atheism. One common theme, however, is colour. Between ceremonies and chakras, the spectrum holds nothing back.

henna mehndi bride's hands   

During a Hindu wedding, there's plenty of red about. Red is seen as a symbol of happiness, and found on the bride's dress, the groom's robe and scarf, and in the sindoor, the holy red powder, that the groom places on the forehead of his bride, welcoming her into his life as his partner. During the ceremony, the groom gives a mangalsutra, a black beaded necklace, to the bride as a symbol of love, integrity and devotion towards her. The bride's hands are decorated with a red-brown henna, which has predated written text in its use, symbolising joy and happiness. Favourite pets and horses, brides, sometimes grooms, and children have all been decorated with henna's decorative art, Mehndi, comes out usually following holidays or special events. In the region where the henna plant grows, it follows that wherever there's joy, there's henna.

Followers of Hinduism often practice yoga. Meditation and tranquility are prevailing themes, and aligning the chakras, of which each is represented by a colour.


Violet - Crown

purple flowering tree   Related organ: Brain
Personality Traits: Inspirational leaders, kindly and just, humanitarians, self-sacrifing, visionary, creative, and strong mentally. Personal identification with the infinite, oneness with God, peace, wisdom.


Indigo - Third Eye

indigo dye in pool  Related organ: Eyes, lower head.
Personality Traits: Intuitive, fearless, practical, idealistic, wise, a truth seeker, highly intuitive, faithful, clear sighted possessing integrity and clarity of mind.


Blue - Throat

blue city  Related organ: Throat, Lungs
Personality Traits: Ability to verbalise, expressing truth through spoken word, loyal, tactful, affectionate, inspiring, inventive, caring, cautious, possessing the spirit of truth and purpose, and self expression.


Green - Heart

green moss-covered elephant  Related organ: Heart, Breasts
Personality Traits: Soul-heart consciousness, expressing love in action, sympathetic, compassionate, humble, understanding, self-controlled adaptable, generous, nature loving, romantic.


Yellow - Solar Plexus

yellow lit tree  Related organ: Solar Plexus
Personality Traits: Positive use of personal power, good-humoured, optimistic, confident, practical, intellectual, clarity of thought, alert, curious, perceptive, and aware.


Orange - Sacral

orange palace of winds  Related organ: Ovaries, Testes (lower abdomen)
Personality Traits: Enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic, sport, self-assured, constructive, joyous, independent, free, seizes life, removes inhibitions, able to be oneself confidently.


Red - Base

man in red hat and scarf observing a wedding precession  Related organ: Spine, Hips, Legs
Personality Traits: Vitality, courage, strong-willed, self-confident, humanistic, spontaneous, honest, extroverted, secure, pioneering, having strength of will, driven, and stable.

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Very good article, didn't know that about the significance of the color red. I thought the color red was mainly associated with the emotions of anger or rage. Very interesting, I love the imagery as well.
Another great article. I love reading about all the symbolism. :3
i am really enjoying your colours of religion articles. great job.
i love mehndi, too.
AH I LOVE YOU for putting the chakra colors up here and what their corresponding meanings. They look beautiful!
I'm Hindu and I have to say that red and white are the predominate colors in Hindu weddings. Colors are very important to us. There are rules regarding dress and colors at different stages of a hindu celebration/life. For example, when there's a funeral instead of wearing black, we wear plain white to signify death and mourning. And, in the case of my grandmothers, they wear muted colors when their husbands died.

Loved the article. Colors and religion are very interesting as they all mean different things in different faiths.
Thank you for ths wonderful article. I am a learning hindu and find great interest& knowledge in this.

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