Colors of the World’s Best First Class Experiences

Colors of the World’s Best First Class Experiences

Have you ever flown first class? Have you ever really wished you could? Well, the top ten from Forbes' World's Best First Class article seems to shoot down every actually-comfortable, well-padded seat I've walked past. From bed-chairs to private nooks, Heaven seems to recline at 40,000ft.

What are the Colors of a First Class Experience?

Taking a look at Forbes' Top Ten was almost like a journey itself, but not through airspace -- through color. The planes I've been on were all typically calming, hospital colors, but the concept photos from these airlines -- ranked tenth to first -- make me consider spending a little more money next time I fly, and a little more time shopping around, because all of the best colors are all around the world.


Qatar Airways

first class aboard Qatar Airways


Qatar First-Class

   qatar airways logo

Flying first-class here means access to a separate terminal in Doha that mimics a five-star hotel with several fine-dining restaurants, a medical center, and a spa with sauna and Jacuzzi. On board passengers get caviar service, full-size pillows, white linen mattresses, Australian wool blankets and Bulgari toiletry kits. The seats are 79 inches long, have 15-inch LCD screens and come with a 23-inch meal table that allows dining for two, just as in a restaurant.


Singapore Airlines

first class aboard Singapore Airlines


1st-Class Singapore

   singapore airlines logo

Passengers here have total control of their experience including picking between Dom Perignon and Krug champagne and food whenever they want it and however they want it whether it's an extravagant five-course blowout or a quick meal served all at once. The seats are 82 inches long and 35 inches wide. Fliers are given a Ferragamo toiletry kits, Givenchy sleep suits and slippers. Seats flatten into beds with sheets, a down duvet and oversize pillows.


Cathay Pacific

cathay pacific first class suite


Cathay Pacific

    Cathay Pacific Airlines logo

Seats here become 'suites,' thanks to sliding panels that provide total privacy. They turn into 81-inch-long beds and have built-in massagers. Each flier also gets a personal closet to store belongings. Cathay got high marks for its food: It's one of the only carriers to have rice cookers, skillets and toasters onboard, so parts of meals are prepared fresh, like eggs made to order.


Malaysia Airlines

malaysia airlines first class


Malaysia Airlines

   Malaysia Airlines logo

This airline is a winner for its service--welcoming and warm, yet efficient. The seats are individual pods that turn into 180-degree flat beds. Fliers also get plush blankets and pillows. Food includes Malaysian cuisine, like a signature satay. On the ground, Kuala Lumpur's first-class lounge has a new upscale restaurant.


Thai Airways

first class seating aboard Thai Airways


Thai Airlines 1st

    thai airlines logo

First-class fliers are greeted by a personal concierge at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi's Airport who checks them in and escorts them through security. The lounge has wi-fi, a sauna and a spa offering Thai massages. When flying into Bangkok, a concierge fast-tracks fliers through immigration, customs and baggage claim. Seats on board become comfortable 180-degree flat beds. Other amenities include Bulgari toiletry kits, cotton pajamas and a choice of 22 entrees, which can be pre-ordered.



first class seating aboard Emirates


First! Emirates

    Emirates Logo


Each of the roughly 18 seats in first-class can be transformed into a mini-suite by the use of sliding doors. Other perks include soft pajamas, slippers, 600 channels of on-demand entertainment, chauffeur service from select airports, seven-course meals served on bone china and access to lounges that have wi-fi, an extensive dining buffet and are decked out in Italian marble.


Jet Airways

first class seating aboard Jet Airways


Jet Airways Relax

    jet airways logo


This airline boasts the longest flat bed in the sky: 83 inches. Seats have 24-inch flat-screen televisions and can be configured so that two people can dine together. Champagne onboard is either Dom Perignon or Krug, and toiletry kits are filled with Bulgari products. Food includes a wide range of Indian and Western dishes. On the ground, an attendant escorts passengers through check-in and to the lounge.



first class seating aboard Lufthansa


1st Class Lufthansa

    lufthansa logo


This airline, ranked third on the top-10 list, is a star performer on the ground. When fliers arrive at Frankfurt Airport, they lounge on couches and sip drinks while an attendant checks them in. After clearing security, they are led to a lounge where a chef cooks any meal of their choice. When it's time to board, they are driven to the aircraft in a Mercedes. Comfortable lie-flat seats and efficient service await them onboard.


Korean Air

first class seating aboard Korean Air


Korean Air 1st

    korean air logo

Korean Air debuted a new first-class cabin last year that features a cocoon-like seat with a massage function that turns into a flat bed. The airline also placed in the top 10 because of its excellent ethnic food that includes choices such as steamed oxtail, Korean bibimbop and various top-grade meat dishes.


Qantas Airlines

first class seating aboard Qantas Airways


Qantas Airlines 1st

    qantas airlines logo sticker


The lounges in Sydney and Melbourne have a library, a fine-dining restaurant, a business center and a spa that offers massages. Seats onboard are 6.5 feet long, and entertainment is video on-demand with 400 channels. The designer silk toiletry kits -- Akira Isogawa for men, Collete Dinnigan for women--are stuffed with Payot products. Meals are eight-course affairs.


What were some of the colors of your first class experience? Third class? Coach?

Which airlines have you flown? What are their colors?

Do you have an airline experience you can share with a palette and short story?

Make a palette and post it here.

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I have probably flown more than the average COLOURlover. In the last few years, while working internationally with my disaster relief non profit and flying coast to coast for US business and pleasure… I’ve racked up around 200+ hours in the air. Some flights were as short as 45 minutes and several longer than 12 hours.

I don’t fly first all that often, but some airlines have really great coach seats… some airlines I’ve been on around the world, it wouldn’t matter if you were in coach or first… you’d still be clinching your armrest and praying to arrive in one piece at your destination.

Here are a few palettes inspired by my air travels:

Kabul Air Snack
I have no idea what it was I ate on my Kabul Air flight from Kabul, Afghanistan to Dubai. It tasted alright while I was eating it... but sleeping on the bathroom floor later that night and throwing up everything in my body... was not pleasant.

Holding Hands
I was on a flight a few years back sitting in an aisle seat. About 30 min before boarding the flight started to get a little turbulence. I wasn't really paying attention to it, as I had headphones on and was listening to my music... out of no where the old woman sitting across the aisle from me put her hand on my knee. I was a bit shocked and took my headphones off... "it will be alright" she said... I guess she took my fidgety knee for a sign of worry. I tried to let her know I was fine, but she insisted on holding my hand for the rest of the flight.

3 Mojitos + Bad Film
Pretty self-explanatory... the mojitos and conversation made up for the bad film choice.

We're Moving!
I was on a flight once and a young girl... probably 14 or so was sitting 3 rows directly ahead of me. She had her headphones on loud enough for me to hear that she was enjoying some classic 80's rock... when the plane began to move and taxi to the runway she let out a very excited "we're moving!" I think she was only trying to tell her friend sitting next to her, but didn't factor in she had very loud music on... just about everyone on the plane heard her. It made me chuckle.

Death in the Family
I was on a flight down to LA and I thought that I would practive a little networking and being social even though I normally dislike getting locked into conversation with the people sitting next to me. So I thought about all the different clever conversation openers... "So, you fly often?" "Where you headed today?"... I decided to go with "Business or Pleasure?" The guy sitting next to me just turned his head towards me "Death in the Family" and then turned his head back straight... we didn't talk for the rest of the flight.
I'm sure the global warming folks are starting to factor in how much extra jet fuel it takes to schlep those big-wig palaces around.

My flying is coming to an end due to the ever increasing shrinking of legal baggage sizes.

50000 feet? sounds a bit high. The highest I ever got for an international flight was 41000 feet.
That Thai Airways photo looks so relentlessly purple that I wonder about its white balance. Especially since the consensus among the other airlines represented here is that beige and off-whites and straws are the way to go. Is it me?
Jet airways had the best colour scheme and seating imho among the winners. That brown is so inviting, warm, relaxing. Who could possibly feel ok with so much violet (Thai airways) around them?
Me like this
great palettes

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