Color Inspiration: The Big Island of Hawaii

Color Inspiration: The Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island, also known as the Island of Hawaii is an amazingly beautiful place and I was lucky enough to call it home for the first 17 years of my life. The Big Island is made up of just about every different type of landscape you can imagine... Volcanoes and Deserts... Rainforests and Grasslands... Beaches and Valleys... even Mountains and Snow...

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The Big Island was home to King Kamehameha the Great, who by the early 1800s had united most of the Hawaiian Islands under his rule. He named his Kingdom Hawaii after his native island... leading to the confusion we have today with the Island of Hawaii in the state of Hawaii. It wasn't until 1959 that Hawaii became the 50th State of the U.S.

Color Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii


Surfing the Big Island


img  by SparkyLeigh

The Big Island has surf breaks on just about every side of the Island. The warm tropical waters and hot afternoon sun make any day surfing a great day surfing.

Surfing Hawaii


Plumeria Flower - Hawaii


img  by SparkyLeigh

The Plumeria flower is commonly white and yellow but the blossoms can come in many varieties. The flowers are strewn together to make leis and are also seen behind the ear of beautiful wahines. Depending on which ear the flower is behind can publicize your relationship status.

Plumeria Flowers


Merrie Monarch Hula Festival - Hawaii


img  by SparkyLeigh

Hula is a traditional dance performed to chant or song and is considered a sacred part of Hawaiian life. Hula has evolved to include several different styles, including western influenced 'auana accompanied by guitar, 'ukelele and the double bass. Hula is performed by both male and female dancers.

Hula Girls


Snow Atop Mauna Kea - Hawaii


img  by SparkyLeigh

Measured from its base at the sea floor, to its highest peak, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world, even taller than Mount Everest. Playing in the Hawaiian snow can be fun, but at 13,000ft elevation the air is thin.

Mauna Kea Snow


Kileaua Lava Flow - Hawaii


img  by SparkyLeigh

Kileaua Volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the world's most active volcano. At certain times of the year you can get close enough to the lava flows to watch the liquid rock move with your own eyes.

Kileaua Lava Flow


Endless Sunset - Hawaii


img  by SparkyLeigh

When you're completely surrounded by thousands of miles of pacific ocean, it is hard to get a bad sunset in Hawaii. When the clouds are clear and the sun is setting, many people watch the last bit of sun disappear behind the ocean... hoping to see a mystical green flash.

Endless Sunset


Waves & Rocks on the Hawaii Coastline


img  by SparkyLeigh

Near black sand beaches and hike-able lava tubes you can stand at the southern most point in the U.S. at Ka Lea, South Point.

Hawiian Coastline


Hapuna Beach, Hawaii


img  by drflet

I've probably spent nearly a whole years worth of my life at Hapuna Beach. The public pavilions play host to birthday parties and BBQ's... the soft white sand has captured millions of footprints... and the warm pacific ocean brings playful waves during the summer and neck-breaking surf during the winter.

Hapuna Beach


Rainbow Falls, Hawaii


img  by ekash

The tropical sun shines down on the 80-foot Rainbow Falls, often creating rainbows in the mist. While not the tallest waterfall on the Big Island, more than 300 million gallons of water fall daily. Legends say Hina, the mother of Maui, lives in the cave behind the falls.

Rainbow Falls


Coastal Reef, Hawaii


img  by phdpsx

The west side of Hawaii is home to sunny shores and luxurious resorts. Snorkeling these pristine waters reveals a vibrant ocean life with beautiful colors. Migrating whales can be often seen breaching off shore.

Hawaiian Reef


Hawaii State Fish - Humuhumunukunukuapua'a


img  by philnowicki

The Hawaii state fish has a very fun name... it sounds like Hoo Moo Hoo Moo Noo Koo Noo Koo Ah Poo Ah Ah.



Cactus in the Grass, Hawaii


img  by nothing

The Big Island's north side is home to hundreds of thousands of acres of rolling hills and grasslands. A variety of cactus also calls this part of the island home... and I have the scars to prove it.

Hawaiian Cactus


Parker Ranch, Hawaii


img  by sunnaquair

Parker Ranch is one of the oldest and largest cattle ranches in the United States, covering 175,000 acres in and around Kamuela. Cowboys in Hawaii are called Paniolos.

Parker Ranch


Rainforest, Hawaii


img  by Pekelo_99

"Hawaii's native forests are among the world's biological treasures, sheltering more than 10,000 plants and animals found nowhere else in the world." -[VIA]

Rain Forest


Kilauea lava field, Hawaii


img  by Shubhro

The lava fields on the Big Island look like the surface of far off planet. The black rock extends for miles and its edges can be razor sharp.

Lava Fields

I did my best to try and show the variety in Hawaiian landscapes, but there is truly is too much beauty in Hawaii to try and capture in a dozen or so photos.

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Fabulous! I love this!!!
I absolutely love that fish - what an awesome name! It has great colours too...

Thanks for another fabulous article!

So beautiful ... the rainforest is my favorite. Thank you for all these pictures, and I think your palette interpretations of them are wonderful.
Amazing.. i guess this can be a new promotional tools to a country.. very interesting..
The speed limit was 50MPH on H-1 and H-2 when I was over there. They had to RAISE it to 55MPH to go along with everyone else and save gas. I made it to the Big Island once for a few days. It was in the 70s during gas rationing. Way up on the slopes was a lava field, but it was divided for streets. No houses. Only speculators need apply. Volcanoes weren't doing anything, but several years later they wiped out the park lodge where I stayed. Fuel was running low. I stopped at a gas station. They said that my license said that I couldn't buy more until tomorrow. Uhhh- it's a rented car. what's the point of renting a car if you can't drive it. I guess I'll have to sit here in front of your pump until tomorrow. I got a few gallons to get back to Hilo. I made a point to go by the library to see the stone that supposedly was raised by Kamehameha I. It was a big sucker and was still laying there out front.
beautiful. thanks for sharing this. someday, maybe i'll get there... *sigh*
wow, thats awesome. never knew there was snow in Hawaii lol.
Inspiring stuff, I may have to do a "The colours of Oregon!"
Thanks for the great pix... I made it to Hawaii once and my favorite Island BY FAR was the big one because of it's diverse beauty, which you've captured...
Beautiful! This is an excellent idea!
such an amazing place, with so many landscapes in one island roughly the size of Connecticut.

the Big Island is my band's favorite place to play in the USA.

gorgeous stuff!!
awesome. great choice of pix. must have been tough narrowing them down. thanks for the reminders of the great natural beauties of this place, a place i call home.

pretty calm now. no sign here in kona of any hurricane
Beautiful palettes, pictures. Mahalo!
great pictures.....I had lived on the Big Island for most of my life and the photos brought back fond memories...

it would be great to see color palettes for other locations from the US and other parts of the world......

I'd like to see how the light from different lattitudes affect color
ahhh...was only there in April. It is truly diverse and beautiful. The Big Island is one of the few places in the world I would consider moving to. lol
I'm lucky enough to live in Hilo, and I don't want to leave. It's one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
So pretty!
Wow, this is wonderful
Hi I was told to check out your site for Hawaii colors!!!

Maybe you can help me! first off i'm planning to do a wedding with the theme! (family can't afford to go) :(
however I was thinking of 5 colors total but i don't want it all to be blue or red or pink so far i keep coming up with Red, Pink, Blue, Teal, Green, Yellow and Orange.. That's too many colors and i don't want to look like i'm having a rainbow bright wedding!
Maybe you can suggest a few colors that are more based from Hawaii! I have left a few examples in my profile page if you need...
Love the schemes you have but none really fit my needs?
Can you help???
woo~~~ gotta pass this on!!
I love Hawaii, that's a great place to spend your holidays
Rainbow falls. Jee :( Take me there.
ahh! the place where i dream of living one day...who knows if i dream hard enough it might materialize. Thanks for sharing some wonderfully inspiring shots :)))
LOL, I live in Hawaii, and I say it looks nicer on pictures!
Hermosa Isla, me encanta..maravilla de colores.

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