Interview with LICHTFAKTOR: Light Graffiti Artists

Interview with LICHTFAKTOR: Light Graffiti Artists

After posting Painting with Light, I had the pleasure of speaking with the LICHTFAKTOR crew, the artists responsible for the photos posted. The 3-man creative force behind LICHTFAKTOR is VJ sehvermoegen, graffiti artist jiar, and VJ 10X.

Read all the way down to see their new video work.
stairwell light graffiti

COLOURlovers: What drew you to become light graffiti artists?

LICHTFAKTOR: As VJs, we were used to film and because we are all into graffiti it was only a small step. This is the reason why our light-paintings are always moving.

CL: What was it like starting out, and how did you get to where you are today?

LF: We needed content for a 360° projection. This was the first time we used this technique because it just fit so well with the theme of the event (energy in motion). We are still at the beginning, and we know that so much more is possible with lightwriting. We want to explore new ways of expression in urban culture.

CL: What are some of your favourite creations?

LF: We like it when the surroundings are well-integrated into the picture. We also like the abstract light-graffiti stuff, and we want to get deeper into that style.

trashcan and recycle bin light graffiti

CL: Do you prefer to work with certain devices, mediums, or places? Do you prefer certain colours?

LF: We like the contrasts between different light sources, like xenon and its nice golden look. LEDs make thin, precise lines and cold cathodes are doing this fatcab style. We put lenses and other different things on the flashlights to get different shapes and colours, or use multiple LEDs and colour filters … we like green, pink, magenta.

using different LEDs for light graffiti

Like we said before it is always nice to integrate something like the trashcans or other stuff we bring to life. It is less interesting to just write into the air.

CL: Sprint has recently launched a light graffiti campaign for their commercials. Have you seen any of these clips or images?

LF: Yes, we have. Did you see the making of it? It is very commercial, but it is done very well.

CL: Do you know many other light artists?

LF: We know now many lightwriting artists all over the world, all by the internet, but we never met one or worked with another lightwriter, but we will.

light graffiti sprout

LICHTFAKTOR was recently away in London to work on a project called Star Wars vs Star Trek for Sky Movies. The film showcases what the LICHTFAKTOR crew means by using their surroundings and being in love with making light-painting come to life.

Star Wars V Star Trek

To keep up with LICHTFAKTOR and see more of their creations, visit their Myspace profile(mostly in German) and be sure to check out their Flickr page for nearly one-hundred light creations.

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This is quite possibly one of the best things I've seen all year.
awesome. those guys are brilliant.
Looks cool but what does it actually look like
This reminded me a bit of the Sprint TV commercial where they were drawing circles and graphs ... more simplistic though -- running around with LEDs.
wicked these guys rock!
thanks for the post.
Amazing, artists with no boundaries. Freak'n awesome!
am speechless!
WOW I love this work and its amazing to read the interview it was just what i was looking for. Thank you.
Turn up the breaks.
Wow! WOW! WWWOOWW! I am flattened! Needed this for my brain! I am happy again! Laughed until I cried!
This rocks! I have always loved neon lights, the colors can be so explosive. This is definitely a great way to use them.
I really enjoyed this concept and hope to make a similar... I will title it Ode to LICHFAKTOR
wow so cool! love these effects

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