Color Palettes of the Top Grossing Movie Posters

Color Palettes of the Top Grossing Movie Posters

Armin Vit at Speak Up took an amazing look at the 25 movie posters of the top grossing movies of all time.

Not only did he organize the top 25 posters and break them down to simple palettes... He even created a larger image that showed the percentage of color usage for each film rating. Mr. Vit might just be our new best COLOURfriend.

Armin: "I looked for the final theatrical posters - as opposed to teaser or character-specific posters — which most fully represented what people saw on the streets or in movie theaters. Once lined up, I went over them one by one selecting a) the overall or background color, b) one or two of the most visible colors, and c) one or two accent colors. Ignoring any minimum-impact colors along the way. After picking out the colors, I arranged them, via gradients, on a horizontal bar, using the background color as the base and then eyeballing the "amount" of the rest of the colors to create an approximation of the colors you would see if you squinted at the poster or if you had really blurry vision."

          PG-13 Movie Poster Color Palettes

Armin: ...I'm still somewhat captivated by the color distribution in movie posters across the different ratings, more so after I put together this chart... But then again, like a kid in a candy store, I'm a sucker for pretty colors.

          Movie Rating Color Chart.jpg
Read Armin's entire post Dark and Fleshy: The Color of Top Grossing Movies to see the color palettes for all 25 movie posters and all the rating color charts.
Also, We took a similar look at the Grammy Award Winning Album Colors... although Armin has inspired us to look at these ideas on a whole new level.

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I am Curious, Yellow
This may not be top grossing, but my favorite of the year was this documentary, Into Great Silence. I had never seen a mature movie audience be totally hushed for nearly three hours. There was only about a minute or two of dialogue in the whole movie, where a blink monk explained a few things.

I picked black on purpose. For much of the church service in the movie, the lights were extinguished.

Into Great Silence
Not quite from its movie poster, but here's a couple of palletes inspired by the Transformers:

Optimus Prime

Here is my favorite movie Chun-king Express and the palette i made.

Chun-King Express

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