Some Summer Color Lovin’ Inspiration

Some Summer Color Lovin’ Inspiration

In looking for great summer colors, I scoured the internet for inspiration. I mostly found summer fashions and make up, but when I finally stopped looking... I found my colours and it turns out that I didn't have to go anywhere else.

Started by Harbinger, the Time for Some Summer Lovin' post has brought out some of the best parts of summer colour love, and we took it another step further...

40+ Summer Inspired Color Palettes

tibetan_sun_tan.png   follow_the_fleet.png

the_last_splash.png   25_degrees.png

fruity_ice_paradise.png   summer_skin.png

best_days.png   summer_khakis.png

i_scream.png   croton.png

cherry_pink_lemonade.png   nevada_inferno.png

the_perfect_wave.png   tequilabeach_sunrise.png

depressed.png   straw_hat.png

waiting_for_july.png   country_summer.png

artificial tan   banana tree

oklahoma   margarita and lime

Aprium   a la playa

Bikini top lost at C   Red Sox Fever

perfect weather :(   let 'er rip

farmers' market   bradford cool me off

Lindsay Lohan Tan   Summer Fresh

Drab day for summer   Gourmandise

Summer Walk   Summer Day

Summer Sickness   pool party

summer   berry summer

Ocean Five   Dry Summer Lawn

surfer girl   Summer Holidays


Get Creative & Share Your Summer Color Inspiration

What Colors Stand Out in Your Summer?

What Are the Colors of Your Summer Holiday Destinations?

Do You Have Any Favorite Summer Foods?

Make a palette and share it.

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summer swimming

warm spectrum
Personally I'm not a huge fan of Summer as it's the season my allergies are their strongest. Plus I'm not a fan of heat... although I do like the sun.

Allergic Reaction
Summer in my country everyday.. have a cocktail then..
summer on the beach.. ??. then u have to get some beachwear..

I really don't enjoy the summer that much here, in Oklahoma because it's usually so hot and humid that it's completely horrible to be outside. This year, though, it's been raining like crazy, and we've hit and broken all kinds of records for rainfall, but the last few days have returned us to bright, sunny, humid, and horrible.

summer storms

everything's green
I'm surprised how many summer palettes I've made, especially since I love fall and winter best.


summer project

Harbor Road

summer flavors

beach front

coral reef

green goes blue

a summer's tale



peachy green

Vampyre sunfade

new summer fare
Man, when I saw the title of this post, I was sure my palette was gonna have already been selected...oh well.

Summer Lovin'
summer seems so far away right now... :(
Like summer time !

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