Sidewalking Chalking the Town in Color

When wandering through New York City, seemingly innumerable things of wander can be seen. Seen as a centre for all things cultural, fashionable (and sometimes anti-fashionable), and artistic, it should serve as no surprise to see artists setting up on corners, singing or painting, dancing or speaking prose. It seems like everyone is creating something.

missing tiles

I remember hearing last year sometime about a man who was creating sidewalk chalk art. What was more interesting was hearing that there was an incredible feeling of depth is his work, so much that if he chalked a hole in the sidewalk, people unconsciously stepped around it.

dies irae

These pieces are created by English chalk artist Julian Beever and, when viewed from the proper angle, they show immense depth, bringing colour and volume to an otherwise blank space.

Looking At Different Angles



Telling a Story


To see more, the following links contain photos of his work, and works in progress. What’s most fun to see is the blurred line of where the the pieces end and he begins.

Author: ruecian