Painting with Light

Painting with Light

**Update: Check out the LICHFAKTOR interview we did for more photos and a new video.

A number of graffiti artists have been tagging everything thought to be impossible without being caught. Well -- it's actually not illegal for them. They're not using paint. As it turns out, time-lapse photography isn't just for blooming flowers, skyscapes, or brake lights anymore. Termed Light Graffiti, tag artists are taking their colour to an all new level.

arrow light graffiti

Let There Be Light

Using an exposure of about ten-to-thirty seconds and a tripod for best results, Light Graffiti artists start at the first click. Glowsticks, flashlights, reflectors, and even torches have been used as mediums to create all sorts of designs and tags, as the artist becomes a ghost of a blur, if visible at all.

No Harm, No Foul

Any person, place, or thing can become a central piece of the art. Because all it really takes is less than a minute, light tagging phone booth can be just as easy as something in the privacy of home, though staying home is certainly less fun. Some 'hardcore' taggers are set on Light Graffiti not actually being graffiti because it doesn't have a physical presence, but after seeing photos of it, it's not too different from tagging a building and having it covered or removed the next day.

light guy

arrow tower

walking the dog

See some more for yourself over at this wicked decent Flickr photo set.

See if you can make some yourself. The general rule of Light Graffiti seems to be experimentation and play, so, if your first 'tag' isn't brilliance, keep at it.

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Awesome! I love it. I never would've thought of doing something so brilliant with just light and a camera.
Wow, nice one, artsykerley. Thanks for sharing.
Some college students were arrested for using a slide projector to project slides on the side of a white house next door. Well...they were slides of nudes....pornographic light painting....
We were already doing that years ago! And in a dark room, you can have even more fun by shining your flash light on certain objects or body parts to make impossible compositions (for example making a person with 6 arms by having him stand still with stretched arms, illuminating his whole body, then let him move his arms to a different position, then shining the flashlight only on his arms, etc.). Or you can put someone's head on someone else's body, etc.

How do I upload pictures here?
Can you give us an idea of all the setitng you used on your SLRs?

Great stuff, got to give this a go.
this is amazing - a lot more creative than what I was able to achieve on my Canon compact. Inspiring me to take out my new Sony dSLR and see what I can do :)
Great image, certainly, but I think it's becoming something else, is all. The idea might be old, like dark room experiments, but it's certainly evolving with the coming generations.
Great article - thanx!
cool as always.
I do that too from time to time, but mine are not that detailed (.___.) these are just great :D
... amazing...
Incredible! I can't imagine how much time that must have taken.
Thats killer i love everything about it, but is that just one movement non stop? or different movements layered together?
nice but not much graffiti
super cool
Wow! these are amazing!

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