Fruit Basket Colors

Fruit Basket Colors

A while ago, a number of COLOURlovers with great ideas and ispirations contributed to a forum thread called Fruit Basket! started by liddle_r, which brought wonderful colours and combinations. I'd pick them all as favourites if I could, but here are some (in no particular order) of the palettes that I liked especially, and if you like these, check out the thread on the forum and find your own favourites. It was hard to choose just these few.

Plum   bowl of oranges
Juicy Fruits   custard apple

Pomegranate   charade de citron
Grapeseed   sweet apples
favorite flavors   grapefruit sorbet
blueberry shimmer   berries & grapefruit
Cherry Pie   punched

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Texas Fruits&Veggies
Not only is it a great song, it's a palette too!

peach, plum, pear
I see my palette up there. thanks.
that thread has been loads of fun! thanks for pointing it out for everyone.
Thanks reucian! Its nice to see them again. Hmmm. Still love that grapefruit sorbet..

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