Ultimate HTML Color HEX Code List

Ultimate HTML Color HEX Code List

HTML 3.2 specifications identified sixteen colors that can be used by name to define color in HTML and CSS. But don't worry you can use more than sixteen colors in HTML... you'll just need to know the six character HEX values and we've listed pretty much all of the ones you'll need on one page.


Standard 16 Named Color Codes

 Black or 000000 Gray or 808080 Silver or C0C0C0 White or FFFFFF
 Navy or 000080 Blue or 0000FF Teal or 008080 Aqua or 00FFFF
 Purple or 800080 Maroon or 800000 Red or FF0000 Fuschia or FF00FF
 Green or 008000 Lime or 00FF00 Olive or 808000 Yellow or FFFF00

216 Web Safe Color Codes

 000000 000033 000066 000099 0000CC 0000FF
 003300 003333 003366 003399 0033CC 0033FF
 006600 006633 006666 006699 0066CC 0066FF
 009900 009933 009966 009999 0099CC 0099FF
 00CC00 00CC33 00CC66 00CC99 00CCCC 00CCFF
 00FF00 00FF33 00FF66 00FF99 00FFCC 00FFFF
 330000 330033 330066 330099 3300CC 3300FF
 333300 333333 333366 333399 3333CC 3333FF
 336600 336633 336666 336699 3366CC 3366FF
 339900 339933 339966 339999 3399CC 3399FF
 33CC00 33CC33 33CC66 33CC99 33CCCC 33CCFF
 33FF00 33FF33 33FF66 33FF99 33FFCC 33FFFF
 660000 660033 660066 660099 6600CC 6600FF
 663300 663333 663366 663399 6633CC 6633FF
 666600 666633 666666 666699 6666CC 6666FF
 669900 669933 669966 669999 6699CC 6699FF
 66CC00 66CC33 66CC66 66CC99 66CCCC 66CCFF
 66FF00 66FF33 66FF66 66FF99 66FFCC 66FFFF
 990000 990033 990066 990099 9900CC 9900FF
 993300 993333 993366 993399 9933CC 9933FF
 996600 996633 996666 996699 9966CC 9966FF
 999900 999933 999966 999999 9999CC 9999FF
 99CC00 99CC33 99CC66 99CC99 99CCCC 99CCFF
 99FF00 99FF33 99FF66 99FF99 99FFCC 99FFFF
 CC0000 CC0033 CC0066 CC0099 CC00CC CC00FF
 CC3300 CC3333 CC3366 CC3399 CC33CC CC33FF
 CC6600 CC6633 CC6666 CC6699 CC66CC CC66FF
 CC9900 CC9933 CC9966 CC9999 CC99CC CC99FF
 FF0000 FF0033 FF0066 FF0099 FF00CC FF00FF
 FF3300 FF3333 FF3366 FF3399 FF33CC FF33FF
 FF6600 FF6633 FF6666 FF6699 FF66CC FF66FF
 FF9900 FF9933 FF9966 FF9999 FF99CC FF99FF

Red Based Tints and Shades

 8B8B8B 8B8B7E 8B8B63 8B8B5A 8B8B45 8B8B2A 8B8B13 8B8B00
 8B7E8B 8B7E7E 8B7E63 8B7E5A 8B7E45 8B7E2A 8B7E13 8B7E00
 CD92CD CD92BA CD9292 CD9285 CD9266 CD923F CD921C CD9200
 8B638B 8B637E 8B6363 8B635A 8B6345 8B632A 8B6313 8B6300
 CD85CD CD85BA CD8592 CD8585 CD8566 CD853F CD851C CD8500
 8B5A8B 8B5A7E 8B5A63 8B5A5A 8B5A45 8B5A2A 8B5A13 8B5A00
 EE77EE EE77D8 EE77AA EE779A EE7777 EE7749 EE7721 EE7700
 CD66CD CD66BA CD6692 CD6685 CD6666 CD663F CD661C CD6600
 8B458B 8B457E 8B4563 8B455A 8B4545 8B452A 8B4513 8B4500
 FF60FF FF60EA FF60BD FF60AE FF608C FF6060 FF6039 FF6019
 EE49EE EE49D8 EE49AA EE499A EE4977 EE4949 EE4921 EE4900
 8B2A8B 8B2A7E 8B2A63 8B2A5A 8B2A45 8B2A2A 8B2A13 8B2A00
 FF91FF FF91F3 FF91DA FF91D2 FF91BF FF91A6 FF9191 FF917F
 FF39FF FF39EA FF39BD FF39AE FF398C FF3960 FF3939 FF3919
 FF23FF FF23E7 FF23B6 FF23A5 FF237F FF234E FF2323 FF2300
 EE21EE EE21D8 EE21AA EE219A EE2177 EE2149 EE2121 EE2100
 8B138B 8B137E 8B1363 8B135A 8B1345 8B132A 8B1313 8B1300
 FF19FF FF19EA FF19BD FF19AE FF198C FF1960 FF1939 FF1919
 FF00FF FF00E7 FF00B6 FF00A5 FF007F FF004E FF0023 FF0000
 EE00EE EE00D8 EE00AA EE009A EE0077 EE0049 EE0021 EE0000
 CD00CD CD00BA CD0092 CD0085 CD0066 CD003F CD001C CD0000
 8B008B 8B007E 8B0063 8B005A 8B0045 8B002A 8B0013 8B0000

Green Based Tints and Shades

 8B8B8B 8B8B7E 8B8B63 8B8B5A 8B8B45 8B8B2A 8B8B13 8B8B00
 7E8B8B 7E8B7E 7E8B63 7E8B5A 7E8B45 7E8B2A 7E8B13 7E8B00
 92CDCD 92CDBA 92CD92 92CD85 92CD66 92CD3F 92CD1C 92CD00
 638B8B 638B7E 638B63 638B5A 638B45 638B2A 638B13 638B00
 85CDCD 85CDBA 85CD92 85CD85 85CD66 85CD3F 85CD1C 85CD00
 5A8B8B 5A8B7E 5A8B63 5A8B5A 5A8B45 5A8B2A 5A8B13 5A8B00
 77EEEE 77EED8 77EEAA 77EE9A 77EE77 77EE49 77EE21 77EE00
 66CDCD 66CDBA 66CD92 66CD85 66CD66 66CD3F 66CD1C 66CD00
 458B8B 458B7E 458B63 458B5A 458B45 458B2A 458B13 458B00
 60FFFF 60FFEA 60FFBD 60FFAE 60FF8C 60FF60 60FF39 60FF19
 49EEEE 49EED8 49EEAA 49EE9A 49EE77 49EE49 49EE21 49EE00
 2A8B8B 2A8B7E 2A8B63 2A8B5A 2A8B45 2A8B2A 2A8B13 2A8B00
 91FFFF 91FFF3 91FFDA 91FFD2 91FFBF 91FFA6 91FF91 91FF7F
 39FFFF 39FFEA 39FFBD 39FFAE 39FF8C 39FF60 39FF39 39FF19
 23FFFF 23FFE7 23FFB6 23FFA5 23FF7F 23FF4E 23FF23 23FF00
 21EEEE 21EED8 21EEAA 21EE9A 21EE77 21EE49 21EE21 21EE00
 138B8B 138B7E 138B63 138B5A 138B45 138B2A 138B13 138B00
 19FFFF 19FFEA 19FFBD 19FFAE 19FF8C 19FF60 19FF39 19FF19
 00FFFF 00FFE7 00FFB6 00FFA5 00FF7F 00FF4E 00FF23 00FF00
 00EEEE 00EED8 00EEAA 00EE9A 00EE77 00EE49 00EE21 00EE00
 00CDCD 00CDBA 00CD92 00CD85 00CD66 00CD3F 00CD1C 00CD00
 008B8B 008B7E 008B63 008B5A 008B45 008B2A 008B13 008B00

Blue Based Tints and Shades

 8B8B8B 7E8B8B 638B8B 5A8B8B 458B8B 2A8B8B 138B8B 008B8B
 8B7E8B 7E7E8B 637E8B 5A7E8B 457E8B 2A7E8B 137E8B 007E8B
 CD92CD BA92CD 9292CD 8592CD 6692CD 3F92CD 1C92CD 0092CD
 8B638B 7E638B 63638B 5A638B 45638B 2A638B 13638B 00638B
 CD85CD BA85CD 9285CD 8585CD 6685CD 3F85CD 1C85CD 0085CD
 8B5A8B 7E5A8B 635A8B 5A5A8B 455A8B 2A5A8B 135A8B 005A8B
 EE77EE D877EE AA77EE 9A77EE 7777EE 4977EE 2177EE 0077EE
 CD66CD BA66CD 9266CD 8566CD 6666CD 3F66CD 1C66CD 0066CD
 8B458B 7E458B 63458B 5A458B 45458B 2A458B 13458B 00458B
 FF60FF EA60FF BD60FF AE60FF 8C60FF 6060FF 3960FF 1960FF
 EE49EE D849EE AA49EE 9A49EE 7749EE 4949EE 2149EE 0049EE
 8B2A8B 7E2A8B 632A8B 5A2A8B 452A8B 2A2A8B 132A8B 002A8B
 FF91FF F391FF DA91FF D291FF BF91FF A691FF 9191FF 7F91FF
 FF39FF EA39FF BD39FF AE39FF 8C39FF 6039FF 3939FF 1939FF
 FF23FF E723FF B623FF A523FF 7F23FF 4E23FF 2323FF 0023FF
 EE21EE D821EE AA21EE 9A21EE 7721EE 4921EE 2121EE 0021EE
 8B138B 7E138B 63138B 5A138B 45138B 2A138B 13138B 00138B
 FF19FF EA19FF BD19FF AE19FF 8C19FF 6019FF 3919FF 1919FF
 FF00FF E700FF B600FF A500FF 7F00FF 4E00FF 2300FF 0000FF
 EE00EE D800EE AA00EE 9A00EE 7700EE 4900EE 2100EE 0000EE
 CD00CD BA00CD 9200CD 8500CD 6600CD 3F00CD 1C00CD 0000CD
 8B008B 7E008B 63008B 5A008B 45008B 2A008B 13008B 00008B

Thankfully today you can use over 16 million different colors on the web. Creative Market has a wide assortment of patterns, textures, and templates that will fit all of your color needs.


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I thought all hex code colors can be used in html and css?
Yeah they can... but older computers might not recognize them. Technology is improving pretty rapidly, and it wasn't all that long ago when I had to worry about if the colors we were using in a web design were using the 216 WebSafe colors... thankfully those days are over and you're free to use any of the 16 Million colors that you want.
this site would be the absolute best resource for anyone, wouldn't it?!

great chart, btw.
It's not obvious what's going on with some of the color names unless you see the hex codes...which are posted in the color pages.
what i mean be absolute best is that we have 252,833+ colours on this site. is there any other site with that many at your disposal?!!!?
Colors and palettes here are coming very fast, compared to the old place. There are still millions left to name, though.
darius, what was the criteria for which colours to include in your chart? i guess i just don't understand HTML, etc. (i'm so old school!)
The top 2 charts... 16 Named & WebSafe were looking back and the restrictions we used to have... the other several hundred were just a nice display of some colors.
"a nice display" is an understatement. i love it. it must have been hard to choose.

i was just thinking the other day about the chart that was on the old site when i started - all the colours listed with just teeny tiny chips. that's how i started making palettes! i was wondering if there's anything like that now. probably not since there are sooooooo many colours.
Thanx! Great article!
This is an excellent resource - the most comprehensive, clear and well laid out chart I have come across.
Thanks. The best chart I've seen.
Thanks! This is very handy! :]
Thanks, very useful and handy....
Thx, Great article!
i just like to look at colours. they're pretty.
does anybody know how to make colors transparent??
please if anybody knows send a reply..
Why can i only see one pallet of colours now Dx
Websafe colours are sort of a non-issue these days.
so you can use any color on websites now? I didn't know that.
web... this think always make me dizzy...
Wow, so many beautiful colors *_*
I like it , This site would be useful for my upcoming design
thanks you

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